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Semester Abroad

About GlobaLinks Learning Abroad/EuroScholars - Research Study Abroad in Europe

Zurich University of Applied Sciences – ZHAW School of Management and Law is one of the leading business schools in Switzerland.  The Zurich University of Applied Sciences has over 9000 students including more than 2,500 undergraduate students pursuing degrees in the ZHAW School of Management and Law.  All programs are interdisciplinary and there is a strong orientation to real-world business practices.  Their motto is “Building Competence, Crossing Borders” and reflects their openness to the international community.

For more information: Download the Program Brochure.

Fees and Costs

Auburn students pay Auburn tuition and fees for a full time student equal to 12 hours (based on their residency status).  The student will be enrolled in the “Auburn Exchange Course UNIV 3000” while abroad.  Students will not pay tuition to the host university but may pay other fees and are also responsible for their meals, books, housing, in-country travel expenses, incidental expenses, and airfare.  Auburn students will pay $2 per day for MEDEX Medical Evacuation for the duration of their program abroad.  Students must provide financial documentation indicating sufficient funds for period of stay. 

For suggested budgets for this program, please refer to the Program Brochure.


Get Started by visiting Auburn Abroad, Office of International Programs!  The recommended first step is to attend an Orientation Session to help you navigate the process of selecting and applying to a study abroad program. During the orientation you will have an opportunity to speak with an Auburn Abroad coordinator or intern about specific questions that you may have in the preliminary planning stages for study abroad. 

If you are ready to apply to this program, please visit the GlogaLinks Learning Abroad/EuroScholars - Research Study Abroad in Europe site and click the Apply Now button.  


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