ACCT 7110/7116 Research in Accounting

Outreach Software

Click here to access WEBCT.

Follow the instructions below to access the AICPA ReSource Literature:

1.  Download the following plug-in (for Windows, 32-bit) - wfplug32.exe and save it to your desktop.

         For those of you having problems, click here and download another plug in - ica32t.exe

If you have trouble downloading this file, or you happen to be using a different operating system, you can also go to   and download the appropriate ICA client (e.g., most of you would be running Windows, 32-bit and will need to follow the "Windows 9x/NT/2000/2003/XP" link and retrieve the file named "ica32pkg.msi")

2.  Install by double-clicking the wfplug32 icon (or other appropriate name - ica32pkg.msi - if you downloaded it from the citrix website) on the desktop (accept all defaults)

3.  You should have received 2 files by email from me during the first week of class (named "Professional Standards.ica" and "Technical Practice Aids.ica").  These files should have been saved on the desktop.  Simply click the file to enter the appropriate database and use the username and password supplied to you in the same email in which you received the files.  Remember, the username and password are case-sensitive.  Also, it may take a few moments for the database to load (and to close once you exit the program) - be patient.

**** NOTE:  These applications MUST be exited by selecting FILE and EXIT.  If you simply close the screen, your username will remain active until the system administrator kicks you off - meaning you will have trouble accessing the program in the future.