Format for D&T Cases


As a reminder to what has been discussed in class, I expect your report for the 5 major D&T cases to have the following components (one of which is optional):

1.  A title page (optional)

2.  Body of the report - Maximum of five pages, typed and double-spaced.  This will include:

        - a brief restatement of the facts of the case;

        -  a brief statement of the main issues/research question;

-  a presentation of arguments for at least two alternative accounting treatments of the issue with   appropriate support from the applicable professional literature (this can be cited using parenthetical citations showing the reference to the literature and the applicable paragraph - e.g, FAS 5, 8 ) ;

        -  a conclusion explaining which alternative was chosen and the reasons for doing so.


3.  A reference/applicable literature page listing the professional literature used in the paper.  I want this literature arranged in descending order of authority (e.g., level 1 GAAP support, level 2 GAAP support, etc.). 

        Example References (use either the more formal or more informal style, your choice): 

Therefore, your paper could be a total of 7 pages long (note:  the title page and reference page is NOT included in the five page maximum)