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        Available Software

        At the Harbert College of Business, we want to ensure that you have all the software you need for your classroom needs. We do our best to provide software in as wide of a distribution as possible. Therefore, almost every software title is found on almost every instructional machine. There are a few exceptions. These are: FactSetUpTick, and Business Plan Pro. The TIGER Lab has FactSet and UpTick. Lab 013 has Business Plan Pro. Here is a list of all software found on our instructional machines (labs and classrooms computers):

        • General to All Computers
          Microsoft Office 2016:
          –Expression Web
          –Office Access 2016
          –Office Excel 2016
          –Office InfoPath 2016
          –Office OneNote 2016
          –Office PowerPoint 2016
          –Office Project 2013
          –Office Publisher 2016
          –Office Visio 2016
          –Office Word 2016

          –Adobe Reader
          –Apple PictureViewer
          –PDF Creator
          –Windows Media Player
          Adobe Xi Pro
          AU Install: SecureCRT &WS_FTP
          Gleim: CPA Test Prep and FAA Test Prep
          Java Development Kit
          JBuilder 2008 R2
          MorningStar Direct
          MP3MyMP3 Audio Recording software
          MS Visual Studio 2008
          MySQL Workbench

          Oracle: SQL Developer
          Palisade Decision Tools
          ProSeries 2014
          Python 2.7 & 3.4
          R & Tinn-R
          various Excel Plugins for Statistics
          Wharton Research Data
        • think-cell

          Create professional looking presentations for your classes fast using think-cell

          Do you use PowerPoint to present in your classes? If so, think-cell—used by most consulting firms—might save you a significant amount of working time and enable you to create professional looking presentations for your coursework. Knowing think-cell could be a valuable skill as you enter the workplace since many employers, including top consulting firms and investment banks, use the software.

          think-cell is free to Auburn University students, faculty, and staff. It takes just minutes to learn watching the short video tutorials available for each chart type. See below for helpful training resources and instructions on how to download think-cell.

          Why should you consider using think-cell?

          • Creating your charts take 70% less time
          • 90% less time when making alterations
          • Students can gain professional skills
          • Better results


          How to Download:

          1. Download license file (thinkcell_license.pdf).
          2. Download the software from think-cell. 
          3. When prompted for License Information, enter the License Key from the license file.
          4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

          think-cell is free to Auburn University students, faculty, and staff, and it takes only minutes to learn.

          For tutorial and more information about think-cell, visit

        • FactSet

          FactSet provides access to real time financial data and analysis tools. This software is available online for all Harbert College of Business students.

          • Access to this software requires prior registration that may take up to 3 days to process. When registering use your Auburn provided for the email address (aliases will not work.) When your account is ready, FactSet will send you an e-mail telling you to set a password. Disregard these instructions; you don’t need to set a password because FactSet will use Auburn’s authentication system to log you in. To login after you receive the e-mail, click either “FactSet Web” or FactSet Launch” below and use your AU username and password.
          • FactSet Web allows you to access FactSet directly from a browser. The layout will be different from the FactSet application, but you’ll have all the same features. This is the preferred version to use.
          • Factset Launch provides access to download the Factset Workstation software or run the software from a virtual machine. Note that running the software in a virtual machine requires that you first download the Citrix Receiver client, which the Launch page will provide a link for.


          Register FactSet Web FactSet Launch

        • Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

          Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (Formerly Microsoft Imagine) allows authorized students to download Microsoft products and tools at no cost. (License limitations may apply)

          • Eligibility: Students currently taking an Information Systems Management (ISMN) or Business Analytics (BUAL)



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        We’re here to help. Let us know if you have any questions about labs, classroom visits, or any issues with our available software and technology.

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