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        Alternative Student Breaks Winter Break Service Opportunities

        September 9, 2019 By Allison Watson

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        Alternative Student Breaks is seeking to take AU students elsewhere during student breaks to volunteer with a variety of different organizations. This year, they are taking seven trips during Winter Break from December 14 – December 20, 2019, to a variety of locations within the United States and Costa Rica. Applications and International Sign-Up's close Friday, September 27, at 5:00 p.m.

        Domestic Application International Sign-Up

        Give Kids the World (Children's Healthcare) — Kissimmee, FL, $250

        The Give Kids the World Village is an 84-acre, nonprofit “storybook” resort located in central Florida. Give Kids the World treats children with critical illnesses and their families to week-long, cost-free vacations. A trip to the village gives families quality time together, inspiring a renewed sense of hope and happiness that lasts long after they return home. In a very real sense, the village offers the gift of time - time away from the burdens of everyday life and a time to rediscover the joy of simply being together. ASB participants will assist with a variety of different tasks at the village including serving in Nancy’s Kitchen, doing make-up in the Rockin’ Spa, judging the Village Idol competition, operating amusement park style rides, and being Santa’s right-hand helper. Students interested in this trip can learn more about Give Kids the World by visiting their website or by emailing the site leader, Addie Cardwell.

        Greenville Free Medical Clinic (Healthcare) — Greenville, SC, $250

        Greenville Free Medical Clinic is a non-profit organization located in the vibrant town of Greenville, South Carolina. The organization is an integral part, the safety net of the healthcare delivery system in the Greenville community. For thirty years, it has been their mission to promote wellness by providing compassionate, quality medical and dental care, health education and prescription medications without charge to eligible low-income, uninsured Greenville County residents. ASB participants will be communicating with patients to set-up and confirm appointments, organizing medical records and creating new medical records for patients, disposing of expired medication, organizing medical supplies, and shadowing medical professionals. Students interested in this trip can learn more about the Greenville Free Medical Clinic by visiting their website or by emailing the site leader, Caroline Stark

        Big Cat Rescue (Animal Welfare) — Tampa, FL, $250

         Big Cat Rescue is a non-profit animal sanctuary located in Tampa, Florida. Being one of the largest accredited sanctuaries in the world, Big Cat Rescue is dedicated to helping abused and abandoned big cats. The sanctuary is home to 80+ lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars and other species of cats that have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from their fur being turned into coats, or retired from performing acts. Big Cat Rescue sets itself apart from other animal sanctuaries because of their work to end the abuse at its root cause by ending the private possession and trade of exotic cats through legislation and education. ASB participants will assist in beautifying the sanctuary grounds, cages and facilities, painting enclosures, helping in meal prep for the cats, acting as tourists for practicing tour guides, and becoming educated on all issues facing big cats and how Big Cat Rescue is working to end those issues. Students interested in this trip can learn more about Big Cat Rescue by visiting their website or by emailing the site leader, Tucker Kimbrough

        Kentucky Equine Adoption Center (Animal Welfare) — Lexington, KY, $250

         The Kentucky Equine Adoption Center (KyEAC) is located on a tranquil 70+ acre farm in Lexington, Kentucky and is a safe haven for equines in need. The horses come from a variety of backgrounds including some surrendered by their owners and some rescued from abuse and neglect. Once healed and re-schooled, the horses become available for adoption to a loving home. KyEAC implements rehabilitation, training and adoption as the premier equine center in Kentucky for education and care. ASB participants will be working closely with the horses on rehabilitates and training, as well as day riding. Students will assist in beautifying the farm, helping with typical barn chores, feeding, and becoming educated on the issues facing the horses on the property. Students interested in this trip can learn more about the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center by visiting their website or by emailing the site leader, Bella Green.

        Saint Bernard Project (Disaster Recovery and Rebuilding) — Houston, TX, $250

         In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey unleashed unprecedented rainfall across Texas causing severe wind and flood damage in Houston and surrounding areas. The storm left hundreds of thousands of Texas residents in need of assistance finding a prompt, predictable and efficient path home. Recognized as a leader in disaster resilience and recovery, the Saint Bernard Project (SBP) is an organization that operates nationwide with a mission to shrink the time between disaster and recovery. ASB participants will have the opportunity to engage in one or more of the following rebuilding tasks: demolition and mold remediation installation, drywall installation, mudding and sanding, priming and painting, door installation, trim installation, flooring, and exterior work. Students interested in this trip can learn more about SBP by visiting their website or by emailing the site leader, Clay Stephens

        D.C. Central Kitchen and A Wider Circle (Hunger and Urban Poverty) — Washington, D.C., $600

         Alternative Student Breaks will be partnering with Auburn Global to charter a service-learning experience in Washington DC. ASB participants will have the opportunity to volunteer at the DC Central Kitchen and A Wider Circle, as well as participate in educational tourism across the city. DC Central Kitchen’s mission is to use food as a tool to strengthen bodies, empower minds, and build communities. The kitchen fights hunger by training jobless adults for culinary careers to prepare three million meals annually for homeless shelters, schools, and nonprofits. Students will assist in the preparation of meals. The mission of A Wider Circle is to end poverty through on-the-ground programs and services, as well as through the development of large-scale solutions to its root causes. Students will be helping with the organization’s Essential Support program that focuses on providing basic need items for those in poverty by assisting with donation sorting, item inspection, showroom restocking, and assisting clients with items. Students will also get the opportunity to tour the U.S. Capitol building, visit several Smithsonian Museums (Museum of American History, Museum of Natural History, National Portrait Gallery, American Art Museum), visit several famous monuments (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, the Reflecting Pool, World War II, Vietnam War, Korean War), and visit the White House. Students interested in this trip can learn more about the volunteer organizations by visiting their websites ( and or by emailing the site leader, Mariah Pack

        FIMRC: Project Alajuelita (International Healthcare) — San Jose, Costa Rica, $2000

         The Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) is dedicated to improving the health of families in the developing world through the implementation of innovative and self-sustainable health improvement programs. Project Alajuelita, FIMRC’s Costa Rica based project, is located five kilometers outside of San Jose and is home to approximately 12,500 Nicaraguan refugees and impoverished Costa Rican citizens who are medically uninsured. ASB participants will have the opportunity to observe doctors in the clinic, assist in the pharmacy, create health education materials, aid in patient intake, and help with dance therapy sessions in the clinic’s special needs home. Students interested in this trip can learn more about FIMRC: Project Alajuelita by visiting their website or by emailing the site leader, Anna Paige Wilson


        If you have any questions, please feel free to email Garrett Smith, the ASB President. Thank you!