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        Fall Offer Period & Recruitment FAQs

        March 1, 2017 By Amy Murphy

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        Fall Offer Period & Recruitment FAQs

        Q: What is the Offer Period and when is it?

        A: The Offer Period is the timeframe in which employers may communicate offers (written or verbal) to internship candidates planning to work in Alabama, Georgia or Nashville, TN.  The Offer Period begins at 9 AM CST the first Friday of the Fall semester (e.g. if Fall classes begin on Monday, August 21st, the Offer Period begins on Friday, August 25th) and runs through the September on-campus interview weeks, as governed by the AU Recruiting Honor Code & Best Practices.  No recruiting events will be conducted the first day of classes through Day 1 of the Offer Period.

        Q: I am not planning to intern in Alabama, Georgia, or Nashville, TN – what does this mean for me?

        A: Students wishing to intern outside of the area covered by the AU Recruiting Honor Code & Best Practices are not subject to any offer restrictions or deadlines.

        Q: What if I’m pursuing a full-time position instead of an internship?

        A: Full-time candidates are exempt regardless of location.

        Q: What if I am unable to participate in summer recruiting events

        A: The summer months provide a wonderful opportunity for further relationship building among employers and students. However, schedules are not always conducive to recruiting activities (e.g. due to school, internships, study abroad, etc.).  Students who have previous academic and résumé-building plans should not alter their summer calendar.  Fall recruiting is always an option for students with limited summer availability or opportunities to interact with employers.

        Q: What happens if I don’t get a call when the Offer Period begins

        A: Students who do not receive a call at the beginning of the Offer Period are still very much in the recruiting game.  While some employers may extend offers as early as the first Friday of Fall semester, others may take longer to make offer decisions.  Consider Day 1 of the Offer Period the moment that restrictions are lifted on offers, but not a “one-time deal.”  Employers will continue to recruit intern candidates for the upcoming calendar year through the Fall campus interview timeframe (or later, as needed).

        Q: What happens if I receive multiple offers during the Offer Period?

        A: Students who have extensive exposure to employers in the Spring semester and throughout the summer may receive multiple offers throughout the Fall.  Unless you unequivocally know which employer is your perfect match, be gracious about the offers and take time to weigh your options before responding.  If there are offers you know you won’t accept, you should decline them so other students may receive an offer from that employer.

        Q: How should I handle Meet the Firms & campus interviews?

        A: If you are still considering a number of employers, you are strongly encouraged to participate in Meet the Firms for additional exposure.  If you hold offers from all employers of interest, there may not be a need to participate in campus interviews, unless you have lingering questions to ask.  However, if there is an employer of interest from whom you hope to receive an offer, you should apply for a campus interview with that employer through Handshake.

        Q: Once I receive an offer, how long do I have to make a decision?

        A: At minimum, offers should remain open through 5 pm EST on the Monday following the second week of campus interviews (Fall 2017: October 2nd).  Some employers may leave offers open longer, if able.  Offers given after this deadline should provide a two business day decision window to allow time for consideration.

        Q: What is the best way to respond to an offer if I am going to take some time to consider my options?

        A: First and foremost, show your gratitude. It is an honor to receive an internship offer!  Ask the employer when your decision deadline will be and commit to responding by that date.  If you are NOT interested in working for an employer and have other offers, you should graciously decline that offer.  Some employers may rely on your decision prior to making other offers, so be courteous by declining as soon as you know you’re not interested.