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        Handshake Application Deadline is 9/7!

        September 5, 2018 By Colby Lakas

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        If you are looking for a public accounting job in 2019 (internship or full-time), you have until 11:55 PM CST FRIDAY NIGHT (September 7th) to apply for positions that interest you on Handshake. All interview schedules taking place during Accounting Week (9/17-9/24) have the same deadline.

        NOTE: Some Corporate positions may be posted, but their interviews are not generally confined to the Accounting Week Interviews. Please consult Handshake regularly to stay abreast of emerging corporate internship or full-time positions.

        Now that Meet the Firms is here, I would recommend going back through the system to see if any new opportunities have cropped up, and also to make sure that the résumé/transcript you submitted to each role is the most current copy.  As a general rule (unless you currently hold an offer or are otherwise advised by me), you should apply for 6 jobs to ensure you have a number of interview options.  If your GPA is on the lower end of the competitive spectrum (3.0 or below), you should apply to more than 6 postings.

        Here, some other FAQs about applications are answered.

        I applied for a Handshake posting a few weeks ago, but have determined that I am no longer interested in interviewing with this employer. What do I do?

        If you have accepted another offer or determined that you do not want to interview with an employer after your Meet the Firms interaction, please WITHDRAW your application from their pool prior to the deadline. If you are selected for the interview, it would be in very poor taste to decline it (considered "bridge burning").

        I'm interested in X employer, and would be happy doing Audit (Assurance) or Tax for them. Can I apply for both? 

        No!  You should only apply to one posting - recruiters get confused when the same person applies to multiple jobs for their employer. Pick the service area that is your first preference! 

        My résumé has changed since I applied to jobs - how can I make sure the most current copy is on file with the employer? 

        Up until the résumé submission deadline, you can withdraw and re-submit your application without the employer knowing.  They will not begin to review résumés until after Friday.  Note: Be sure that your résumé is in PDF format, as it will preserve the font and structure of the document.  Word can mess up your résumé if the reader has a different version of the software than you!

        I know that an employer has positions posted, but I am unable to locate them on my Handshake account.  Help! 

        Please email Ayshia Green-Calloway ( or Henry Granado ( in the AU Career Center to get assistance with applying for jobs that are not searchable in your Handshake account.  Do this ASAP so you don't miss the deadline.

        IMPORTANT:  It is critical that you submit your applications via Handshake FIRST - all employers use this system to make their interview selections, so if you do not apply in Handshake, you won't be chosen.  Some employers specify that you should also apply to a job posting on their website, which is primarily used if you progress in the interview/offer process (they use this info to generate offer letters).  If you are in doubt, apply on both Handshake and the employer websites, but DO NOT MISS Handshake!!