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        Know Your ACCT Curriculum Model

        February 8, 2017 By Amy Murphy

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        Often times, accounting majors get off track for graduation or miss out on great internship or summer leadership opportunities, because they don't know and understand their ACCT curriculum model. Don't let this happen to you!

        The School of Accountancy has tailored your curriculum model to include important accounting and business electives that you need to take while in the undergraduate program.  Also, on the last page of each curriculum model listed below, we give you very important guidance on your last spring semester which is when you need to plan to do an accounting internship. When preparing your own academic plan of study, make sure you start with your final spring semester internship schedule provided by your curriculum model below and work backwards.

        Take ownership of your academic plan of study and know your ACCT curriculum model!  

        ACCT BSBA Curriculum Model for Incoming Freshmen 2013

        ACCT BSBA Curriculum Model for Incoming Freshmen 2014

        ACCT BSBA Curriculum Model for Incoming Freshmen 2015

        ACCT BSBA Curriculum Model for Incoming Freshmen 2016

        The School of Accountancy encourages students to intern during their senior year.  Each curriculum model above shows the accounting internship during the spring semester of your senior year. Why?  By then, you would have completed the necessary accounting coursework to be prepared to perform at the highest level during your internship. At a minimum, students should have completed ACCT 3110, ACCT 3120, ACCT 3310, ACCT 3510, ACCT 4310, and ACCT 4410 prior to their internship semester.