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        Registration Guidance for Spring Interns

        October 8, 2020 By Colby Lakas

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        Registration time tickets open on November 11th, and if you're planning to intern prior to graduation, there are special considerations as you build your schedule.

        IMPORTANT: The required internship course meeting (for students planning to enroll in ACCT 4920) will be on Thursday, October 29 from 5-6 pm (via Zoom). Your attendance at this meeting will count towards your overall grade in ACCT 4920, so do not miss it!! REGISTER FOR THE MEETING HERE.

        ACCT 5700 and ACCT 5610 - Spring Mini-Term Classes

        These two classes are a) pre-reqs for the MAcc program, b) cover material tested on the CPA exam, and c) will meet every day for an hour and a half while the class is in session. There are two sections that will appeal to whichever internship timing you and your employer have determined is best. Mrs. Hulsey will register you for the appropriate section of these courses.

        • Mid-April (split mini-term) Option: Register for section 001 of both classes (local firm Tax folks, generally)
        • Mid-March (starts after spring break) Option: Register for section 002 of both classes (national firm interns & auditors, generally)

        ACCT 4920 (Internship for Credit)

        If you need another accounting elective to fulfill your degree requirements, this is your best option. This course does not physically meet, but has assignments due throughout the semester that relate to your internship. ACCT 4920 is a CLOSED variable credit hour course and can be worth between one and three hours. After the required internship course meeting on Thursday, November 1st, Mrs. Lakas will register students for the section that matches your internship timing AND adjust the hours according to your needs.  YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO REGISTER FOR THIS CLASS IF YOU DO NOT ATTEND THE MEETING ON 10/29.

        Mrs. Hulsey will register you for ACCT 5700, ACCT 5610, and ACCT 4920. You will need to register yourself for any free electives that you choose when your time ticket opens on November 11th.

        Free electives

        Since you'll be away from campus for about 8-10 weeks, it's imperative that your free elective (if you need one) be offered via Distance Learning. Here are some courses that have historically been selected by interns - you can finish the course at your pace, and are not kept to due dates throughout the full semester. It is in your best interest to make contact with the instructor of record for any course of interest to ensure their syllabus will accommodate your internship timing.

        • KINE 3003 – Medical Terminology (3 hours)
        • KINE 3783 – Sport Supplements (3 hours)
        • KINE 3103 – Adaptive Sports (3 hours)
        • GEOG 1013 – Global Geography (3 hours)
        • ARTS 1513 – Looking at Art (3 hours -may be more involved than others)
        • KINE 1103 – Wellness (2 hours)
        • PHED 1393 – Weight Management (2 hours - no more than 4 PHED hours will count towards graduation)

        NOTE: If you are on an Auburn University scholarship and are graduating in May, you are not required to have 12 hours if you've already met the requirements for graduation. As long as you're enrolled in UNIV 4AAO (zero credit hour graduation course), you are only required to be enrolled in between 1 and 11 hours your last semester. Your academic advisor, Mrs. Hulsey, will make sure you're enrolled in the graduation course after you see her for your graduation check. Insurance and private scholarships may require you to have 12 hours, so be sure to look into that just in case.