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        Salt Life CEO Zoom Speaker Event - 10/25

        October 18, 2021 By Janie Robison

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        The Student Center for Public Trust will be hosting a Zoom speaker event, featuring the President of Salt Life and Auburn Alum, Jeff Stillwell on Monday, October 25th at 5:00pm (CST). 

        Auburn business alumni, Jeff Stillwell, is an entrepreneur and president of Salt Life, a lifestyle brand with products for ocean enthusiasts. When Stillwell acquired Salt Life, his team increased annual sales more than three-fold from 6 million to 20 million within his first three years leading the company. His business leadership has not only helped grow the brand from fishing-only products to include surfing and diving gear, but he has also seized opportunities for Salt Life to be a leader in corporate sustainability. Through the Salt Life Gives Back initiative, the company partners with organizations that strive to protect the ocean and its inhabitants through conservation efforts, enforcement, reef creation, and sustainable programs.  


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        Zoom Passcode: 151207