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        Surgent CPA Review Seeks Student Ambassador

        January 8, 2019 By Colby Lakas

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        Surgent CPA Review is looking for an Auburn student to serve as their Student Ambassador. Upon completion of required duties, Ambassadors will receive a 100% CPA Review scholarship (currently valued at $1,899). In addition, students will receive monetary compensation for referrals ($100 for each referral).

        The Surgent CPA Review Student Ambassador Program is a leadership program that offers students an opportunity to enhance their business skills, gain exposure to the accounting industry, and most importantly it teaches students how to prepare for the CPA Exam. The position of Student Ambassador is to serve as a liaison between Surgent and Auburn University.

        Ambassadors will be able to use the knowledge gained through the program to help educate their peers on what to expect when pursuing the CPA, and how to be a successful candidate.

        Responsibilities Include:

        • Attend kick-off meeting (held at the beginning of semester)
        • Attend a demo webinar (available 3 times a week)
        • Hold an information table in the ambassador’s Business building or choose a location where they feel they will get ample traffic mostly from Accounting/Business students.
        • Hang posters and hand out promotional materials to peers
        • Secure meetings with Professors and on-campus Accounting organizations
        • Obtain a list of names, addresses, and E-Mail of accounting students on campus
        • Remain in contact, returning all calls and emails within 24 hours
        • Become knowledgeable about the requirements necessary to sit for the CPA Exam
        • Submit, via email, a monthly account of campus activities as they pertain to Surgent
        • Secure a new Student Ambassador upon completion of this contract
        • Join Surgent Student Community group on Facebook and like the Surgent CPA Review page


        • Accounting major with a minimum 3.0 GPA
        • Active on-campus involvement within Accounting organizations
        • Strong written and oral communication


        If interested, please email the Marketing Associate, Jordan Junqua, at