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        Undergraduate Academic Advising

        Group Advising

        If you’ve declared your major, you may attend group advising sessions that include up to 18 students, all of whom are in the same academic program. These sessions allow you to receive individualized advising, learn from your peers, and meet other students in your major. Feedback for group advising has been overwhelmingly positive.


        COVID-19 Updates

        (View all University Communications on COVID-19 here)

        To assist with lowering the threat of spreading the COVID-19 virus, the Academic Advising Office will be working remotely via

        • Email, and
        • Audio Zoom (if deemed necessary by your advisor)

        Looking for appointments in Advise Assist?

        • The process has changed. You will now see a notification that directs you to email your advisor. Time tickets are posted in AU Access. 
        • Please ensure you do not have any holds on your account. 
        • If you have not already been advised for Summer/Fall, please pay attention to all registration dates and the academic calendar.

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        Office of Academic Advising

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