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        Computer Labs

        There are various types of labs for your various classroom and assignment needs. Currently, the Harbert College of Business hosts three computer labs for undergraduate students, a lab for each graduate department for graduate students, a lab for Bloomberg access, and a virtual computer classroom lab. The labs are open to all during the academic semesters; however, they may be closed for class reservations, special events on campus, or routine maintenance.

        Check out the descriptions for each lab for more information on access instructions and what each lab has to offer.

        Lab Hours

        Open Closed

        Monday through Thursday: 7:30 AM – 9:00 PM 
        Friday: 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
        Saturday: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM 
        Sunday: 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM 

        The building will be closed for
        Football games (no access) and
        Official Holidays (off-site link).

        The labs may also be closed for classroom reservations. Check out the  TIGER Lab Schedule and the Lab 13 Schedule to see when the labs are scheduled to be closed.

        NOTE: When the building is closed for after-hours and holidays, faculty and staff have card-swipe access.

        Available Labs

        • Undergraduate Computer Labs

          Any student taking a Harbert College of Business course OR who is enrolled in the Harbert College of Business can use these labs.

          The TIGER Lab has over 50 computer stations, including four dedicated Bloomberg terminals. Lab 013 has 30 stations and a scanner station. These rooms also have an Instructor station which has special controlling features for the lab.

          Please note that these labs are slated for multi-use and may be reserved for class instruction and university business as well. See the schedules above or contact  Vivian Miller by e-mailing for more information.

        • Graduate Computer Labs

          The Harbert College of Business is excited to announce its newest graduate lab (located in Lowder 331), which offers an inviting nook for graduate students to work, study, and finish that pesky midterm. The newly minted space will serve as a vital resource for the Harbert College graduate students of all stripes, and includes 7 iMac computers that can run both MacOS and Windows. The workspace carries numerous software packages, including Adobe Creative Cloud, the Microsoft Suite, Python, R, SAS, IBM SPSS, Java, Anaconda, and many others. A full list of software applications can be found in the room.

          The space also comes equipped with some of the comforts of home—furnished with a fridge, microwave, sink, and a host of other appliances that will make working and studying for extended hours more comfortable.

          In addition to this space, Accounting graduate students still have access to the MAcc lab and MBA students are able to use the MBA lab, which are both located on the ground floor of Lowder.

        • Bloomberg Lab

          Located in Lowder Hall 128, the Harbert College of Business offers a dedicated room for Bloomberg access. While there is an additional Bloomberg station located in the TIGER Lab, this lab ensures that your students have dedicated access to Bloomberg data for your classroom needs.

          Contact the Department of Finance at (334) 844-5343 to arrange access to this resource.

        • Virtual Computer Lab

          As a student or employee at the Harbert College of Business you have the opportunity to access Auburn University lab software from a remote location on your own device.

          Download and install the VMWare View Client and begin working at your own convenience from anywhere.

          Check out our instructions for more information on how to install and use VMWare. Or for more information, contact the information technology services at either (334) 844-2963 or

          Virtual Lab Instructions

        Need to Reserve a Computer Lab?

        For more information on how you can reserve a computer lab for classroom instruction, contact Vivian Miller at either (334) 844-6455 or

        • Policies (for Instructors)

          The College of Business Instructional Computer Labs, TIGER Lab and Lab 013, enhance classroom instruction in which technology is important. These instructional computer labs have two primary purposes: 

          1.  In-class demonstration, and 
          2.  The lab portion of the class. 

          The preference is that the instructors of classes not require more than 20% of a class schedule time during the teaching day of 7:45 a.m. through 5:30 p.m. When two instructors request the room at the same time, such as at the beginning of a term, neither instructor may use his/her total 20% as a block, but must distribute his/her time so as to share the room between the two instructors. Instructors requiring more time than the guideline, must wait until others have had the opportunity to schedule the room. After that time, instructors may schedule extra time on a weekly basis.

          Instructors, department heads or departmental office administrators may request to schedule lab usage. Instructors should strive to schedule the room as far ahead as possible, but no further than two terms in the future. Priority will be on a first-come basis. Informal, ad hoc, use of the lab for instruction is acceptable when the schedule permits. Departments may prioritize classes internally. Any request for usage of the labs, from outside of the College of Business, is subject to approval on a case-by-case basis (fees will be accessed).

          Instructors are responsible for supervising students in the labs at all times. A lab monitor is available to assist with any technical problems. Printing is available for 7¢ per page.

        Contact Us

        We’re here to help. Let us know if you have any questions about labs, classroom visits, or any issues with our available software and technology.

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