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        Auburn University Entrepreneurship Program


        Entrepreneurship at Auburn

        Find your way to engage in Auburn Entrepreneurship and inspire business as a Harbert College of Business alumni and friend.

        Ways to Engage

        Entrepreneurship Education that Inspires Business

        The Harbert College of Business is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship across Auburn University and beyond. We work to cultivate an entrepreneurial culture across campus and support student and faculty startups. Our goal is to inspire statewide, national and global innovation.

        At the Harbert College of Business, we believe it is important that students have a strong academic foundation filled with plenty of experiential learning opportunities. In our entrepreneurship program, you will be led through the process of developing ideas for products and services that could potentially lead to the beginning of your own businesses while practicing what you learn through various hands-on opportunities.

        Entrepreneurship Studies

        Focus on entrepreneurship in one of our programs and learn from our expert faculty:

        Meet our Entrepreneurship Faculty
        Harbert College of Business Complex

        Experience Entrepreneurship First-Hand

        The Lowder Center for Family Business and Entrepreneurship

        Entrepreneurship Outreach Programming 

        The Lowder Center for Family Business and Entrepreneurship supports our entrepreneurship education initiative by combining outreach programming with academic studies.

        The Lowder Center for Family Business and Entrepreneurship
        Dropllel at Tiger Cage 2023

        Participate in Competitions and Recognition Events

        Enter your business idea in Tiger Cage or other pitch competitions or nominate an Auburn entrepreneur to be recognized in Top Tigers or other programs.

        Competitions and Recognition Events


        Grow Your Startup

        Grow your startup at the New Venture Accelerator, a co-working space jointly managed by the Auburn University Harbert College of Business and The Auburn Research and Technology Foundation.  

        New Venture Accelerator



        The Entrepreneurial Journey

        There is no "one" path to entrepreneurship. Whether you want to learn, start your own business or become a leader in entrepreneurship, we have information on how you can engage in entrepreneurship at any level of entry.

        • Enroll in Entrepreneurship Courses and Programs

          Declare your entrepreneurship minor or find your program

          Regardless of your major or career goals, you can benefit from our entrepreneurship courses. These courses provide the best overall preparedness for developing solutions for today's problems that can become tomorrow's enterprise.

          Declare an Entrepreneurship Minor

          Find Your Program

          Featured Entrepreneurship Course List


        • Enter Entrepreneurship Competitions

          Compete with Fellow Entrepreneurs

          Start making your dreams a reality while you are enrolled at Auburn University. With the Auburn Entrepreneurship Program, you can build skills in some of the best facilities for entrepreneurship—the Innovation Lab and New Venture Accelerator. There, you can develop your business ideas and take them to events to compete for recognition and money toward your startup.

          Entrepreneurship Student Competitions 

          Snippety Snap Tiger Cage contestants
          Tiger Cage

          Show off your business skills by creating and presenting your ideas at one of the annual Tiger Cage events.


          Woman setting up a bulletin at the SEC Pitch Competition
          Pitch Competitions

          Show off your innovative business ideas and potentially earn rewards at a SEC or other pitch competition.

        • Network and Participate in Entrepreneurship Events

          Participate in Entrepreneurship Events

          Be inspired by top entrepreneurs from all over. These events celebrate and recognize the efforts of entrepreneurs nationwide. Hear more about how they reached success.

          JOIN THE MOVEMENT #NTLESHIPWEEK National Entrepreneurship Week Advertisement
          National Entrepreneurship Week

          Celebrating Entrepreneurship nationwide. Learn more about this year's National Entrepreneurship Week.

          Far shot of the speakers at the Women in Entrepreneurship Week panel
          Women in Entrepreneurship Week

          Recognizing women entrepreneurs and their journey toward success. Learn more about Women in Entrepreneurship Week.


        • Participate in Mentorship and Coaching

          Learn from the Best

          We want you to have the best possible guidance for your startup ventures. Harbert College of Business entrepreneurship faculty, Tiger Cage Coaches, and Entrepreneurs-in-residence with extensive experience in launching and operating new business ventures are available to guide you through every aspect of the entrepreneurial process. From idea to launch, you have access to one-on-one mentoring and coaching to help you navigate the process of starting a business.

          Meet our Entrepreneurs-in-residence

          Lou Bifano
          Lou Bifano
          Director, New Venture Accelerator

          Jennifer Nay
          Jennifer Nay

          Ayshia Green-Calloway
          Ayshia Green-Calloway
          Program Manager, EDA Grant

          Scott McGlon
          Scott McGlon

          Bob Roblin
          Bob Roblin

          Dan O'Keefe
          Dan O'Keefe

          Phil Fraher
          Phil Fraher
          Executive Mentor

        • Grow Your Startup or Business

          From Student Startups to Thriving Businesses

          We want Auburn entrepreneurs to have work space to grow their startups. To do this, we offer some of the best facilities to help up-and-coming entrepreneurs develop the skills needed for entrepreneurial success. These facilities encourage Auburn entrepreneurs to participate in research and activities that will help to create and foster a supportive community within Auburn.

          Photo of the entrance to the Innovation Lab at the Harbert College of BusinessThe Innovation Lab

          The Innovation Lab, located on the ground floor of Horton-Hardgrave Hall, provides an atmosphere that encourages students to dream big and think outside the box to solve problems and identify business opportunities. This collaborative environment fosters project teamwork, provides classroom-style space for learning and mentorship and allows you to develop the skills necessary to launch new ventures and work in corporations focused on innovation.

          New Venture Accelerator

          New Venture Accelerator

          Students whose ideas grow in the innovation lab and have great potential may move to Auburn University's New Venture Accelerator. Located in the Research and Innovation Center at The Park on the Auburn University campus, the space is uniquely designed to foster entrepreneurial dreams and ideas.

        • Be Recognized for Entrepreneurial Success

          Recognition for Your Entrepreneurial Success

          The Harbert College of Business recognizes your efforts in striving toward entrepreneurial success. From the classroom to developing your own startup, the Harbert College has been dedicated to supporting you on your entrepreneurial journey.  We recognize and celebrate your efforts and successes!

          We Recognize Your Entrepreneurial Excellence!

          Speaker at Top Tigers eventTop Tigers

          Top Tigers recognizes fast-growing businesses founded, owned, operated, or led by Auburn University alumni. Nominees are evaluated based on revenue growth and their ability to operate in a manner consistent with the Auburn Creed.

          Check Out Our Top Tigers

          Bob Broadway at the Entrepreneurship SummitEntrepreneurship Hall of Fame

          The Entrepreneur Hall of Fame recognizes the achievements of Auburn University alumni who, by virtue of their entrepreneurial spirit, have made significant impacts in the business world.

          See How You Qualify

        • Join the Auburn Entrepreneurship Community

          The Auburn Entrepreneurship Community

          Auburn University and the Harbert College of Business are a part of a vast network of entrepreneurs. We're constantly growing as we reach out to businesses across the City of Auburn, the state of Alabama and the Southeast at large.

          We are on the lookout for fresh ideas and dedicated entrepreneurs to add to the economy and ecosystem of entrepreneurs. Join the cycle of entrepreneurial greatness. We're implementing innovative strategies like mentorships, workshops, and other networking opportunities to expand on Auburn's entrepreneurial community.  Help future Auburn entrepreneurs by engaging with them through judging competitions, becoming a coach, sponsoring, and so much more. For more information on how you can get involved, contact Lou Bifano.

          Grow Your Startup, Strengthen Your Business and Give Back

          Join us at The Park or the Small Business Development Center to grow and develop your startups and mature businesses, or help us help others reach entrepreneurial goals and inspire entrepreneurship in others by donating to LAUNCH.

          Auburn Research Park
          The Park

          From helping launch businesses to supporting mature companies, The Park nurtures a healthy and successful entrepreneurial environment. Learn more about how you can get involved at The Park.

          America's SBDC Alabama logo
          Small Business Development Center

          Ready to start your own small business? We can help. We’ll assess your business needs and provide counsel based on the specifics of your situation. Learn more about Auburn University's SBDC.


          With your help, Auburn Entrepreneurship can assist in the development of new startups from innovative research. This will fuel Auburn's entrepreneurial ecosystem and economy. Learn more about how LAUNCH helps support Auburn's entrepreneurs.

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        Auburn Entrepreneurship in the News

        We recognize your entrepreneurial achievements. See how other Auburn students and alumni are succeeding.

        Entrepreneurship News

        Contact Us

        Josh Sahib
        Joshua Sahib

        Director of The Lowder Center for Family Business & Entrepreneurship

        Lou Bifano
        Lou Bifano

        Director of New Venture Accelerator

        Ways to Support Entrepreneurship at Auburn University