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        Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates

        Academic certificates are short-term programs. They typically range from 9 to 24 credit hours. These certificates will allow you to deepen your knowledge in a particular subject area. And without the rigor or time commitment of a full degree, they're the best option. The certificates offer a convenient and flexible option to expand your education and credentials.

        A certificate is perfect for both current students and working professionals. It demonstrates specialized knowledge that could bolster your résumé or help you advance within your current career. Pursue a certificate by itself or alongside your undergraduate or graduate degree.

        Undergraduate Certificate


        Have a bachelor's degree but need more coursework to take the CPA Exam? Then, this certificate is for you. You'll emerge from a program with the required credits and depth of knowledge to succeed on the exam and beyond!

        Undergraduate Certificate in Accountancy Online

        Graduate Certificates

        Accountancy—Campus or Online

        As a working professional, gain the credentials you need with the Graduate Certificate in Accountancy. They will allow you to teach at the college level, take the CPA Exam, or expand your career prospects. In addition, you can further your education after earning the certificate. These credits can count towards our Master of Accountancy program!

        Graduate Certificate in Accountancy

        Business Analytics—Campus or Online

        This certificate is perfect for both current students and working professionals. Add to your current expertise or get extra training to advance your career. With it, you'll gain the foundational skills necessary to manage big data in business environments.

        Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

        Cybersecurity Management—Campus or Online

        This certificate provides early- to mid-career professionals necessary skills in their profession. Learn to evaluate security measures, assess organizational exposure, and develop effective contingency plans.

        Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Management

        Management Information Systems—Campus or Online

        This certificate encourages you to grow professionally in your specific area of interest. It allows you to concentrate your courses in database development and administration, security and information assurance, or systems analysis and design. In addition, you can transfer your credits into the MSIS program!

        Graduate Certificate in Information Systems Management

        Supply Chain Management Innovation—Campus or Online

        This certificate is perfect for working professionals or master's students looking to transition into SCM. This strategy-oriented program will expand your understanding of supply chain tactics and tools & techniques. With these new skills, you'll have the chance to enhance your career mobility.

        Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management Innovation

        Supply Chain  Operations —Campus or Online

        The Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Operations is a specialized education for executives and professionals working in or planning to transition to the supply chain field. The curriculum places emphasis on the concepts of operational planning, inventory control and process management.

        Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Operations

        Supply Chain Planning—Campus or Online

        The Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Planning places emphasis on the concepts of strategic planning, informed decision-making and supply management trade-offs.

        Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Planning


        Need Help Choosing Your Certificate?

        April Hurley

        April Hurley—Coordinator MS Student Services

        For questions about a graduate certificate in business analytics, cybersecurity management, management information systems, supply chain management innovation, supply chain innovation or supply chain planning, contact April Hurley.

        Contact April Hurley
        Andee Hodo

        Andee Hodo—Director of Graduate & Online Programs

        For questions about a graduate or undergraduate certificate in accountancy, contact Andee Hodo.

        Contact Andee Hodo