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        Strategic Plan

        The Harbert College of Business is committed to a mission of producing highly desired graduates while generating knowledge that drives business thought and sustainable business practice. Our world-class faculty and leadership are focused on delivering an elevated Auburn experience, conducting transformative scholarly research, and actively engaging our stakeholders to develop partnerships that provide opportunities for lifelong learning.  

        These are exciting times for the Harbert College of Business. A period where we will expand our emphasis on external engagement, high impact learning opportunities, international programming and global diversity, serving students in other majors, introducing lifelong and non-degree credentialing opportunities, and striving always to achieve operational excellence.

        wide shot of the fronts of Horton-Hardgrave Hall and Lowder Hall

        Core Goals

        The Soaring to 2025 strategic plan is built upon five core goals which were shaped by the work of nine task forces, each of which was focused on evaluating the status quo and making recommendations regarding some of the most important functions in the college.

        Strategic Goal 1: Students

        Provide a superior student experience that produces highly sought-after graduates and cultivates lifelong engagement.

        Strategic Goal 2: Research

        Produce research that advances the academy, extends business thought, and shapes best practice.

        Strategic Goal 3: Faculty & Staff

        Attract, develop, support, and retain exceptional faculty and staff.

        Strategic Goal 4: Stakeholders

        Actively engage our stakeholders to develop partnerships that inform research and provide opportunities for experiential and lifelong learning.

        Strategic Goal 5: Organizational Excellence

        Pursue organizational excellence and a culture of continuous improvement to effectively steward our resources and build the Harbert College of Business brand.