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        Online Student Resources

        Welcome online students! Find all of the forms, materials, and information you need below. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, go ahead and reach out to your academic advisor.

        Find Your Advisor

        As an online student, you receive the same support from your academic advisor as if you were here in person. Keep in regular contact with your advisor to establish your plan of study, stay on track, and be informed about new program announcements and requirements. Find your advisor below.

        Exam Proctor

        Your exams will typically take place online through a third-party proctoring site. You will need a webcam and a quiet place to take exams alone. In addition, you will be responsible for any proctoring fees. Be sure to talk to your instructor about their proctor preferences before setting up your exam location.

        Additionally, please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, complications with setting up your exams may arise. For more information about COVID-19-related concerns contact the Office of Academic Advising.

        Outside Scholarship Opportunities

        There are many scholarship opportunities across the web—here are some we’ve found to get you started.

        Career Resources

        Job Postings

        Join Handshake, the place where you can explore career options, apply for jobs, and find internships.


        Career Search Prep

        Visit the OPCD’s Career Toolbox to find videos, podcasts, and other resources to get you ready for the job hunt.

        OPCD Toolbox