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        Harbert Inspires

        Opportunity, Community, Exploration, Innovation

        The Harbert College of Business is the place to be. 

        Employment Placement
        Undergraduate starting salary
        Graduate school placement rate
        Quick Facts

        Experience beyond the classroom.

        Immerse yourself in an international business culture, participate in business competitions, and develop lasting business relationships by joining a club or organization. At the Harbert College of Business you’ll engage in high-impact experiential learning opportunities in and out of the classroom!

        Harbert students take first prize at national case competition Humphries leverages U.S. co-op experience to fulfill work-abroad dream Sixteen student-led teams competed for the top prize of $25,000 at Tiger Cage

        Welcome to Harbert!

        Get to know Harbert College of Business by visiting our campus and attending orientation once you are enrolled!

        Harbert Global

        Earn your business minor, complete your business core, gain hands-on work experience, or participate in a program for a unique cultural experience while earning course credits.

        Join a Club or Organization

        The best way to make new friends is to join a club or organization with those who share your interests. We have something for everyone!

        Compete and Showcase Your Knowledge

        Discover annual opportunities to pitch your innovative business ideas and showcase your knowledge and experience.

        An Entrepreneurship Education

        We work to cultivate an entrepreneurial culture across campus and support student and faculty startups.

        Start Your Career

        Here at the Harbert College of Business, we host many career and networking events each semester to get you one step closer to landing your future career in business.

        Helping You Navigate Life's Journey.

        Figure out your next step. Find your next job. Share your expertise. Become a mentor.

        Course Credited Internships

        At the Harbert College of Business, we offer you the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in your field while also earning college credits.

        Our graduates are ready for any challenge.

        We prepare you for the world of business and give you the tools to succeed.

        Career Development Recruit & Partner
        Career Coaches + Program Champions
        Alumni Mentors
        Corporate partners on campus each year

        Take your next step.