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        Undergraduate Academic Advising

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        Empowering students to discover, develop, and achieve their professional, personal, and academic goals.

        Please note that due to recent COVID-19 updates, there are some changes to academic advising contact procedures.

        For more information, please see Auburn University's 


        Advising Resources


        • Find Your Advisor

          Our advisors are ready to assist you with your academic needs. You can view your assigned advisor on the My Academic’s tab of your AU Access. If you are a business student and do not have an assigned advisor, please contact us at .

          Business students who need to schedule an advising session should do so in Advise Assist. Advisors update their Advise Assist availability regularly.  Students may select to meet with their advisor in-person or via Zoom.  Students also have the option of emailing their advisor.  

          Business students may meet with a Peer Advisor in our Advising Zoom Room. Hours for Spring 2024 are: 

          • Mondays: 9:00-11:00 AM and 1:00-4:00 PM
          • Tuesdays: 1:00-4:00 PM
          • Wednesdays: 9:00-11:00 AM and 1:00-4:00 PM
          • Thursdays: 8:30-10:30 AM
          • Fridays: 9:00-11:00 AM and 1:00-3:00 PM





          All Varsity Athletes, and 
          Federal VA Students with a declared major

          Federal VA students - Pre-Business 

          Lauren Webster                                                                              

          Paul Werner 


          Last Names A–Da

          Last Names Db-Ho

          Last Names Hp-Mc

          Last Names Md-Sa

          Last Names Sb-Wa

          Last Names Wb-Z

          Kenneth Keith

          Caroline Reeves 

          Jennifer Gray

          Amber Thackerson

          Paul Werner

          D'Anne Watson



          Molly Hulsey

          Last Names A–G

          Last Names H-N

           Last Names O-Z            

          Lenzy Rodriguez

           Alex Kitchens 

          Taylor Foutz 



          Lenzy Rodriguez


          Last Names A–J

          Last Names K–Z

          Katie Brock

          Coulter Burns 



          Lenzy Rodriguez


          All Alex Kitchens

          Last Names A-Mc

          Last Names Me-Z 

          Christian Demyan 

           Taylor Foutz   



          Christy Warren

          Pursuing a Business Minor 

          Add Minor  
          Drop Minor 
          Minor Requirements



          Trying to decide if they want to change their major to Business but need more information.   

          Request a seat in an upcoming information session.   These sessions are designed to highlight information about the college.  These sessions are not academic advising meetings. 


        • Internal Transfer Guide

          How to transfer from another major on campus

          1. Students transferring to Business from another major on campus should note the Spring 2024 'transfer blackout period' (when students are not allowed to transfer into the College of Business) starting at 11:59 PM, Friday, March 1st and ending at 7:00 AM, Wednesday, April 10th.     
          2. Find a Major offered in the Harbert College of Business
          3. Learn about different career opportunities associated with business degrees. If you have questions about internship and/or career opportunities, visit the Office of Professional and Career Development for more information.
          4. Know the course requirements for your major.  If you have less than 30 hours of earned credit prior to transferring into the Harbert College, you will enter as a ‘Pre-Business’ major and will follow the Pre-Business Curriculum. If you have 30 or more hours of earned credit before transferring into the Harbert College, you may 1) enter as 'Pre-Business' major or 2) enter directly into one of our 4-year major options.  If you enter directly into a major , you will follow the curriculum model for that major.
          5. With the exception of students transferring from Engineering, click below to initiate your major change when you're ready.  Students transferring from Engineering MUST meet with their Engineering advisor BEFORE clicking on the major change link! 

          Complete this form to begin your major change!

          Course Transfer Rules

          Review the following transfer rules to determine if coursework you have already taken will satisfy Harbert College requirements:

          • MATH 1610 or 1617 will satisfy the Harbert College MATH 1680 requirement.
          • Any 3-hour STAT course will satisfy the Harbert College BUAL 2600 requirement.  However, there are no course substitutions for BUAL 2650. 
          • Per university policy, students cannot receive credit for more than 4 hours of PHED courses.
          • Students pursuing a major in the Harbert College will receive not receive credit for ACCT 2810, MNGT 3810, MKTG 3810, and FINC 3810.  These courses are designed for non-business majors only. 

          Plan Your Courses

          You can begin planning your courses before officially being accepted into the Harbert College of Business. You should plan according to (1) notes on the printed curriculum model, and (2) Pre-requisites and course descriptions listed in the AU Bulletin. Students can determine which courses they need to take for the upcoming semester by reviewing the curriculum model for their intended major and reading course pre-requisite information for the coursework that has not been completed. Students can also access a Degree Works audit to perform a 'What If' function.

          Additional Information prior to transferring

          Students are highly encouraged to thoroughly read the Internal Transfer Guide and/or perform a ‘What If’ audit in Degree Works to view the course requirements they have already completed and view the remaining course requirements for their intended Business major. 

          If you have not yet transferred into the Harbert College of Business, you cannot register for Business course work via AU Access. Non-business students are required to wait until the end of the registration period before requesting seating in business courses. Requests can be made in the appropriate departmental office(s) in Lowder Hall. Current and prospective Harbert College of Business majors are required to use the AU Bulletin to find course descriptions and course pre-requisites. Click on ‘Courses of Instruction.’ The abbreviation "Pr." stands for pre-requisite.

          Students who are undecided about transferring into Business can request seating in a small-group information session at  These sessions fill very quickly, but are designed to provide general information about Business expectations and provide students with research tools to help them determine if Business is an appropriate major for them. 

        • Curriculum Models
        • Declare or Change Your Major

          Declare Your Business Major

          You can declare your major if you are a Pre-Business student with 30 or more earned hours. Please meet with your assigned academic advisor to learn if you are eligible.

          Declare major (eligible pre-business students only)

          Change Your Major

          Business Students
          If you have already declared a business major  but want to change to a different Business major, email your current academic advisor.

          Non-business Students

          If you are considering transferring into the College of Business:

          If you are ready to transfer into the Harbert College of Business, go to Students transferring from Engineering MUST meet with their Engineering advisor BEFORE clicking on the major change link! 

          Change major (non-business students only)

        • Declare or Change Your Minor

          Business Students
          Declare or drop your minor in business by emailing your academic advisor.

          Non-Business Students
          Non-business students who are interested in a business minor should review all requirements of the minor before declaring. Once all requirements are reviewed in full, a minor can be declared.

          Declare a Business Minor (non-business majors only)

          Drop a Business Minor (non-business majors only)

          Declare a Non-Business Minor

          Other AU minors can be reviewed at Non-Business Minors. Students should declare non-business minors with the appropriate college.

        •  Student Organizations

          Not sure which student organization is right for you?  Contact your academic advisor for suggestions or visit the links below to explore on your own:

        •  Course Registration
        • Additional Resources
        • Graduation Audit

          As a Harbert College of Business undergraduate, you're required to complete a graduation audit with your assigned academic advisor. Your graduation audit must be completed during an appointment with your advisor.

          When should I make an appointment for my graduation audit?

          If you’re graduating in the summer or fall, you should complete your graduation audit between January and March. If you’re graduating in the spring, you should complete your graduation audit between August and October.

          How do I make an appointment for my graduation audit?

          Once you fall within a specific range of completed hours, you will receive an email from your academic advisor regarding appointment options for your graduation audit. Follow the email instructions to make your appointment.

        • Camp War Eagle

          Camp War Eagle (CWE) is Auburn’s orientation program for all incoming freshmen where you'll learn information on campus resources and core curricula. You'll even get a chance to plan your schedule for your first semester at Auburn University!

          Learn more about CWE.


        Need help deciding which major is best for you?

        If you’re eligible to declare but are still unsure of which major is right for you, meet with a career coach in the Office of Professional and Career Development. They’ll discuss your career goals with you and help you find the best fit.

        Visit the OPCD

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