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        Camp War Eagle and Freshman Advising

        • Camp War Eagle (CWE) is Auburn University’s orientation program for all incoming freshmen.  For 2023, Auburn will host 11 in-person sessions and 2 virtual-based sessions of Camp War Eagle scheduled during the months of May, June, and July.  
        • College of Business advising is a separate requirement for our incoming freshmen.  Students attending an in-person Camp War Eagle orientation will attend College of Business advising on day 2 of their session. 
        • Students completing Camp War Eagle virtually will complete their required advising meeting via Zoom.   

        The Harbert College of Business encourages all students to attend an in-person Camp War Eagle unless there are extenuating circumstances preventing travel to Auburn this summer. Students who choose to attend a virtual Camp War Eagle orientation session will complete their required Business academic advising meeting based on their orientation date: 

        • Students attending the June 23rd virtual orientation will complete their required advising meeting on June 28th and will register for Fall courses July 10th 
        • Students attending the July 5th virtual orientation will complete their required advising meeting on July 6th and will register for Fall courses July 10th.    

        In mid-June, a Business academic advisor will reach out to virtual attendees via their Auburn email with step-by-step instructions on items they must complete before they can set up an appointment time for their advising meeting.  The Zoom link for a virtual advising meeting will be shared once the virtual student has completed the action items detailed in the advising email. A Fall course registration PIN will be provided after to virtual students after required advising meeting has been completed. If you have any questions, please email us at

        Registration for Camp War Eagle orientation opens March 22, 2023. 

        To be eligible to register for CWE, you must have:

        • Been accepted to Auburn University as an entering freshman for summer or fall semester.

        • Paid the $250 enrollment deposit to Enrollment Operations.

          *Please note that it takes 24 hours for your deposit to process.

        Register for a Camp War Eagle Session >>


        Before Camp War Eagle

        All incoming students are required to complete the ALEKS math placement assessment PRIOR to Camp War Eagle unless you have already been awarded college-level math credit from AP, IB, dual enrollment, or transfer work.  You should complete ALEKS at least two weeks prior to your CWE session. Without a math credit or an ALEKS score, you will not be eligible to register for a math course which could put you behind in your business curriculum.   

        MATH Placement for College of Business students

        Your highest ALEKS math placement score:

        -OR- you have equivalent college credit* for this course:                              (dual enrollment or transfer*)

        Your first MATH course at AU will be:

        ALEKS score below 50%
        MATH 1000
        Aleks 50%-67%
        MATH 1000
         MATH 1120
        Aleks 68% or higher
        MATH 1120
         MATH 1680

        College of Business MATH progression chart

        FALL 2023: 1st MATH at AU

        SPRING 2024

        SUMMER/FALL 2024

        MATH 1000: College Algebra (3 hrs)
        MATH 1120: Pre-Cal Algebra   (3 hrs)
        MATH 1680: Business Calculus (4 hrs)
        MATH 1120: Pre-Cal Algebra (3 hrs)
        MATH 1680: Business Calculus (4 hrs)
        MATH 1680: Business Calculus (4 hrs)

        Students entering with dual enrollment or AP/IB credit for Calculus have completed all required MATH course work for Business.

        • ALEKS is found in AU Access under the My Academics tab.

        • The assessment is up to 30 questions and generally takes 60-90 minutes to complete.

        • After the assessment, an individualized Prep and Learning Module is available to help refresh your knowledge on forgotten topics.  You can take the ALEKS up to 3 times, and the highest of the scores will be used to determine placement. You must wait at least 48 hours between attempts, and additional study time is required between each attempt.

        • For more information about ALEKS, please visit


        Prepare for your College of Business academic advising meeting

        In addition to participating in the university's CWE orientation, all incoming freshmen are required to meet with a Business advisor to have their preferred Fall 2023 schedule plan approved.  Here's what you should know:

        1. Students who completed AP or IB tests should know the minimum test scores required by Auburn to receive college credit.  See AP/IB conversion tables below. 

        2. Students attending CWE in-person will will review Pre-Business course requirements on day 2 of the camp session.  (Students attending CWE virtually will receive an email from the HCoB Academic Advising Office in mid-June with full instructions on navigating the Pre-Business course requirements.)  

        3. Using the information provided during your Pre-Business course review, students will be required to prepare a preferred list of Fall 2023 courses (15-16 hours) to present during your academic advising meeting.

        4. Students who completed dual enrollment or are taking summer transfer coursework must understand how transferred college credits will count toward the Pre-Business requirements.  See the AU Transfer Equivalency table link in the next section.  BRING A COPY OF YOUR TRANSCRIPTS TO CAMP WAR EAGLE TO ENSURE ALL COMPLETED (AND IN-PROGRESS) COLLEGE-LEVEL COURSES ARE CONSIDERED WHEN PLANNING YOUR FALL SCHEDULE.  

        • AP/IB Test Scores - college credit and how it counts toward your Pre-Business requirements

          Depending on your AP/IB test score(s), you may be eligible to receive Auburn University course credit that can satisfy requirements in your business curriculum.  Please visit:

          The scores should be provided from the testing agency or by a home report copy. Please call (334) 844-2528 to verify what credit you are eligible to receive. Note: Auburn University does not accept CLEP credit.

          • ACT (English) with a score of 30-34 will receive 3 hours credit for ENGL1100 (English Comp I).

          • ACT (English) with a score of 35-36 will receive 6 hours credit for ENGL1100 & ENGL1120 (English Comp I & II).

          • SAT Reading score:

            • Score of 36-37 will receive 3 hours credit for ENGL 1100 (English Comp I).

            • Score of 38- 40 will receive 6 hours credit for ENGL 1100 & ENGL 1120 (English Comp I & II).

          Upon receipt, appropriate course credit will be applied to your Auburn University transcript.  Because Auburn receives a large number of requests for AP/IB credit, there may be some delay in posting credit to your transcript.  Please check your transcript periodically to ensure you have received the proper credits.  Contact the Office of the Registrar at (334) 844-2528 if you have questions about this process.

        • Dual Enrollment Information - how will my transfer courses count?

          Dual enrollment/Transfer credit
          Incoming freshmen can see how their dual enrollment/transferred course will articulate at Auburn University.  Visit to access the AU Transfer Equivalency Table.

          Students MUST request their official college transcripts be sent directly to Auburn University.  This request must be made to the college through which you completed the dual enrollment coursework, NOT through the high school you attended.