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        Camp War Eagle and Freshman Advising

        • Camp War Eagle (CWE) is Auburn University‚Äôs orientation program for all incoming freshmen.  For 2021, Auburn will host 14 in-person sessions and 3 virtual-based sessions of Camp War Eagle scheduled for the months of May and June.  
        • College of Business advising is another requirement for our incoming freshmen that will take place the same week as CWE orientation.  Our one-on-one advising meetings will be conducted virtually (via Zoom) and will focus solely on Fall 2021 class plans.  

        Are you ready to register for Camp War Eagle?

        To be eligible to register for CWE, you must have:

        • Been accepted to Auburn University as an entering freshman for summer or fall semester.
        • Paid the $250 enrollment deposit to Enrollment Operations.
          *Please note that it takes 24 hours for your deposit to process.

        Register for a Camp War Eagle Session >>

        Prepare for your College of Business academic advising meeting

        In addition to participating in the university's CWE orientation, all incoming freshmen are required to meet with a Business advisor to have their preferred schedule plan approved.  It is imperative that you complete the following BEFORE your virtual academic advising meeting:

        1. Complete the Business advising modules in Canvas.  Set aside at least 1 hour to complete all components. 
        2. Submit your Student Academic History Form (located in the Business advising modules)
        3. Watch the Pre-Business video located in the Business advising modules, and understand your Pre-Business curriculum  
        4. Using the information provided in the Pre-Business video, prepare a preferred list of Fall 2021 courses (15-17 hours) to present during your academic advising meeting
        5. If applicable, understand how previously earned college credits will count toward your Pre-Business requirements:
        • AP/IB Test Scores - college credit and how is counts toward your Pre-Business requirements

          Depending on your AP/IB test score(s), you may be eligible to receive Auburn University course credit that can satisfy requirements in your business curriculum.  Please visit:

          The scores should be provided from the testing agency or by a home report copy. Please call (334) 844-2528 to verify what credit you are eligible to receive. Note: Auburn University does not accept CLEP credit.

          • ACT (English) with a score of 30-34 will receive 3 hours credit for ENGL1100 (English Comp I).
          • ACT (English) with a score of 35-36 will receive 6 hours credit for ENGL1100 & ENGL1120 (English Comp I & II).
          • SAT taken March 2016 or after, Reading score:
            • Score of 36-37 will receive 3 hours credit for ENGL 1100 (English Comp I).
            • Score of 38- 40 will receive 6 hours credit for ENGL 1100 & ENGL 1120 (English Comp I & II).

          Upon receipt, appropriate course credit will be applied to your Auburn University transcript.  Because Auburn receives a large number of requests for AP/IB credit, there may be some delay in posting credit to your transcript.  Please check your transcript periodically to ensure you have received the proper credits.  Contact the Office of the Registrar at (334) 844-2528 if you have questions about this process.

        • Dual Enrollment Information - how will my transfer courses count?

          Dual enrollment/Transfer credit
          Incoming freshmen can see how their dual enrollment/transferred course will articulate at Auburn University.  Visit to access the AU Transfer Equivalency Table.

        Orientation and Advising Timeline for Harbert College Freshman

        Check out the table below to find information on your Camp War Eagle and advising sessions. We're here to help make entering university as easy as possible, so please make sure to meet all the deadlines and have all of your materials ready.

        For your  business advising modules, you will want to complete them by midnight on the scheduled date. Be sure to set aside at least one hour to ensure you have enough time to complete them all. This is also the date you will receive notification (AU email account and/or text) to schedule your required Zoom meeting with a business advisor. You are encouraged to schedule your meeting as soon as you receive your notification.

        Your required Zoom meeting will be dedicated to approving your Fall semester course schedule. Please bring your preferred class plan to this meeting.

        After you have attended your required Zoom meeting, you will be eligible to sign up for classes on your assigned date. To ensure a quick and easy registration, set up your schedule on Tiger Scheduler the day before.

        Course availability will be proportionally divided across all registration times.  Registration begins at 9 a.m. CST.

        • Timeline for Harbert College Freshman
          Find your Camp War Eagle Session Business Modules Deadline (midnight, CST) Required Zoom Meeting with an Advisor Register for Fall Classes (begins 9 a.m. CST)
          Session 1, May 24 May 17 May 20, 25, or 27 June 30
          Session 2, May 26
          Session 3, May 28
          Session 4, June 2 May 24 June 1 or 3 July 2
          Session 5, June 4
          Session 6, June 7 May 26 June 8 or 10
          Virtual 1, June 8 May 26 June 9 July 7
          Session 7, June 9 May 26 June 8 or 10
          Session 8, June 11
          Session 9, June 14 June 7 June 15 or 17 July 9
          Session 10, June 16
          Virtual 2, June 15 June 7 June 16
          Virtual 3, June 22 June 14 June 23
          Session 11, June 18 June 7 June 15 or 17 July 13
          Session 12, June 21 June 14 June 22 or 24
          Session 13, June 23 June 14 June 22 or 24 July 15
          Session 14, June 25

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