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        Data Resources

        The Harbert College of Business wants to ensure that you have access to all of the up-to-date data needed for classroom instruction and business. Check out the data that the Harbert College is subscribed to below. The data access is categorized by whether the data is available through the Wharton Research Data Resources (WRDS) or other services. Please note that descriptions are copied from company web pages, WRDS, etc.

        Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

        The Harbert College, with support from the Auburn University Library, subscribes to the Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS). Accounts are available to students and faculty for teaching and research purposes as long as they are affiliated with Auburn University. Class accounts are available for class projects and assignments. To request an account, go to .

        Data to which we subscribe include:

        • Audit Analytics (Audit and Compliance)

          Audit Analytics provides detailed research on over 150,000 active audits and more than 10,000 accounting firms. Audit and Compliance datasets cover all SEC registrants. Data include auditor changes, auditor engagements, audit fees, audit opinions, benefit plan opinions, D&O changes, disclosure controls, internal controls, late filers, and restatements.

        • BoardEx

          BoardEx is a business intelligence service used as a new business development tool and as a source for academic research concerning corporate governance and boardroom processes. BoardEx holds in‐depth profiles of over 770,000 of the world's business leaders and its proprietary software shows the relationships between and among these individuals. Data include educational background, prior employment, and connections of directors and executives.

        • Bureau van Dijk’s BankScope

          BankScope contains information on over 32,000 banks, public and private. Each bank report contains a detailed consolidated and/or unconsolidated balance sheet, an income statement plus interim reports. Financial data is available for up to 16 years. The data include detailed financial statements, interim data, ratings and rating reports, country risk and country finance reports, stock data for listed banks, directors and contacts, original filings/images including annual and interim reports, detailed bank structures, economic country profiles and outlooks, business and related news, M&A deals and rumors, and Fitch Bank Credit Model for 11,000 banks.

        • Compustat—Capital IQ
          • Compustat
            Compustat provides more than 500 company‐level fundamentals, including items such as Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Flow of Funds. It also offers an even larger number of supplemental data items for more than 47,000 active and 37,000 inactive companies.
          • Capital IQ People Intelligence
            People Intelligence covers over 4.5 million professionals and over 2.4 million people
            including private and public company executives, board members, and investment
            professionals, globally. Each professional in the Capital IQ database has a distinct profile which can include contact details, biography, education, job functions and titles, board memberships, compensation, insider activity, and options holdings.
          • Execucomp
            Standard and Poors’ Execucomp provides executive compensation data collected directly from each company’s annual proxy (DEF14A SEC form). Detailed information on salary, bonus, options and stock awards, non‐equity incentive plans, pensions and other compensation items are available.
        • CRSP (Center for Research in Security Prices)
          CRSP maintains the most comprehensive collection of security price, return, and volume data for the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ stock markets. The CRSP U.S. Stock Database contains end‐of‐day and month‐end prices on all listed NYSE, Amex, and NASDAQ common stocks along with basic market indices, and includes the most comprehensive distribution information available, with the most accurate total return calculations.
        • Eventus

          Eventus performs event studies using data read directly from CRSP stock databases or pre-extracted from any source. The Eventus system includes utility programs to convert calendar dates to CRSP trading day numbers, convert CUSIP identifiers to CRSP permanent identification numbers, and extract event study cumulative or compounded abnormal returns for cross‐sectional analysis.

        • ISS (Institutional Shareholder Services, formerly RiskMetrics)
          • Incentive Lab / Incentive Lab – Europe
            Thorough executive pay data and goal metrics for S&P 1500 & top 400 Europe companies.
          • Director Data

            Data on company directors including ethnicity, independence, committee membership, and more for the S&P 1500.

          • Shareholder Proposal

            S&P 1500 shareholder proposals that were on the ballot, filed, withdrawn (usually due to engagement), or omitted.


          Auburn faculty, staff, and students can reach out to the ISS academic support team at with any questions about their data.

        • MSCI (formerly KLD and GMI)
          MSCI ESG KLD STATS (STATS) is an annual data set of positive and negative environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance indicators applied to a universe of publicly traded companies. Data are designed to provide in‐depth research, ratings and analysis of environmental, social and governance‐related business practices to companies worldwide.
        • OptionMetrics IvyDB U.S.

          IvyDB contains a complete historical record of end-of-day data on all US exchange-traded equity and index options (including options on ETFs and ADRs) from January 1996 onward. The data includes both daily option pricing information (symbol, date, closing bid and ask quote, volume, and open interest) as well as high, low, and closing prices for the underlying equity or index. IvyDB also provides all interest rate, dividend, and corporate action information for each security, so you can correlate your own option pricing models with calculations.

          This data is available via WRDS.

        • Thompson Reuters/Refinitiv
          • DealScan
            DealScan provides historical information on the terms and conditions of deals in the global commercial loan market. DealScan also provides access to Thomson Reuters Loan Pricing Corporation (LPC’s) database which is the premier global provider of information on the syndicated loan and high yield bond markets.  The dataset provides detailed terms and conditions on over 200,000 loan transactions, which finance M&A activity, working capital needs, and other general corporate purposes for loan participants worldwide. 
          • IBES
            Best of Breed Global Database on Earnings Estimates  covering over 5800+ U.S. Companies, 12,400 International Companies, unrivaled history dating back to 1976.  This is the database used by every financial professional for Earnings Data. IBES was created over 30 years ago to provide both summary and individual analyst forecasts of company earnings, cash flows, and other important financial items, as well as buy-sell-hold recommendations.
            Today, many academic projects focus on the applications and effects of earnings expectations data, with increasing attention being paid to other forecast measures, such as revenue, price targets and cash flow. The importance of research in this dynamic field is confirmed by the current roster of 1700 academics from 450 universities in 32 countries, who rely on Thomson Reuters data and services to validate their unique investment theories and observations.
          • Insiders Data
            Designed to capture all U.S. insider activity as reported on Forms 3, 4, 5, and 144 in line-by-line detail. In addition, a unique cleansing process is used by Thomson Reuters that adds value by making systematic interpretations on the accuracy of as-reported data and inserts “cleansed” fields for comparison. A cleanse code is also included to denote the overall level of confidence in each record. Additionally, the Insider Filing Data Feed includes performance calculations revealing which insiders’ prior trades have been most predictive of subsequent stock returns.
          • Institutional (13f) Holdings
            Access Institutional Common Stock Holdings and Transactions, as reported on Form 13F filed with the SEC by institutional managers with $100 million or more in Assets Under Management.
          • Mutual Fund Holdings -s12
            Thomson‐Reuters Mutual Fund Holdings database provides security holding information for all registered mutual funds that report their holdings with the SEC, plus 3,000 global funds. Reported securities include all NYSE/AMEX/NASDAQ, Toronto, and Montreal common stocks.
          • Thompson Financial’s SDC Mergers & Acquisitions
            SDC Mergers & Acquisitions is the industry standard source of investment banking transaction terms and conditions, covering two million M&A, bond and equity deals dating to the late 1970s. Comprehensively curated from thousands of primary and secondary sources, SDC deals content features over 190 data points to power advanced analysis of deal structures, market trends, and participant relationships in a fully normalized database. Data include outright acquisitions, stake purchases, joint ventures and repurchases.
          • WRDS Thompson Reuters Stock Ownership
            A WRDS tool to aggregate Thompson Reuters institutional ownership data at the security level. This tool uses Thomson Reuters s34 data.

        Other Data Services

        • AcademicEDGAR+ (faculty and staff resource)

          This tool helps users Search for, Extract and Normalize content from SEC EDGAR filings. It has a custom developed search engine with 9 search operators and more than 35 ways to filter documents, and offers extraction tools that help users extract search context and specific tables from those filings.

          AcademicEDGAR+ is hosted in the cloud. To register for an account, go here and use your Auburn e-mail address. After you register, you’ll receive instructions on how to access the data

        • Bloomberg Terminals (Available in Lowder Hall 011 and 013)

          The Bloomberg Terminal is a computer system provided by the financial data vendor Bloomberg L.P. that enables professionals in finance and other industries to access the Bloomberg Professional service through which users can monitor and analyze real‐time financial market data and place trades on the electronic trading platform. The system also provides news, price quotes, and messaging across its proprietary secure network. Most large financial firms have subscriptions to the Bloomberg Professional service. Bloomberg is a major global provider of 24‐hour financial news and information, including real‐time and historic price data, financial data, trading news and analyst coverage, as well as general news and sports. The Terminal is an integrated platform that streams together price data, financials, news and trading data to more than 300,000 customers worldwide.

        • FactSet

          FactSet provides access to real time financial data and analysis tools. This software is available online for all Harbert College of Business students.

          • Access to this software requires prior registration that may take up to 3 days to process. When registering use your Auburn provided for the email address (aliases will not work.) When your account is ready, FactSet will send you an e-mail telling you to set a password. Disregard these instructions; you don’t need to set a password because FactSet will use Auburn’s authentication system to log you in. To login after you receive the e-mail, click either “FactSet Web” or FactSet Launch” below and use your AU username and password.
          • FactSet Web allows you to access FactSet directly from a browser. The layout will be different from the FactSet application, but you’ll have all the same features. This is the preferred version to use.
          • Factset Launch provides access to download the Factset Workstation software or run the software from a virtual machine. Note that running the software in a virtual machine requires that you first download the Citrix Receiver client, which the Launch page will provide a link for.


          Register FactSet Web FactSet Launch

        • Morningstar Direct (available on request)
          This service is an investment analysis platform built specifically around the workflows of asset managers and financial advisors to help position and market products, construct portfolios, analyze investments, and connect with investors. Global data include historical portfolio holdings, equities, separate accounts, hedge funds, ETFs, indexes, real‐time pricing, and more. Morningstar Direct is powered by full access to one of the industry’s most comprehensive investment databases, covering hundreds of thousands of investments worldwide, as well as institutional research from Morningstar analysts.

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