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        Young Alumni Council

        The Harbert College of Business Young Alumni Council works to inspire community, connection and commitment:  

        • community with fellow alumni and friends of the college,
        • connection through engagement events and opportunities and
        • commitment to the future of the college through philanthropy.

        Comprised of 30 graduates from across the country, the Young Alumni Council provides support in the continuous development of the Harbert College of Business. Coordinated efforts between the Auburn Alumni Association Young Alumni Council, Harbert College of Business and Young Alumni Council create consistent messaging and communication of information to encourage engagement, mentorship and philanthropy among young Harbert alumni around the world. 


        The Young Alumni Council is supported by 3 working committees that support the following initiatives.

        Alumni Engagement

        To better support and facilitate connection among young alumni, the council organizes annual gatherings throughout the country.

        Student Support

        HarbertConnects is the student to alumni mentorship platform and is the key point of connection for our council members to connect alumni back to the student population.


        Young Alumni Council members support the college’s annual giving program, specifically promoting and recruiting for Hundred for Harbert.

        Council Year

        Council members serve during the council year from June 1 to May 31.

        Young Alumni Council Eligibility

        • Harbert College of Business graduate 40 years of age or younger
        • Two years post undergraduate graduation by start of council year (June 1)
        • Hundred for Harbert donor ($8.33/monthly)
        • HarbertConnects mentor

        Application Process

        Nominations and applications for the Young Alumni Council are open each year March 1 – May 1. The following items must be submitted by May 1st for consideration of the upcoming council year to begin June 1.

        1. Candidate Application (link available March 1 - May 1)
        2. Letter of Recommendation
        3. Professional Resume

        Council Member Expectations

        • Successfully serve a three-year term (beginning June 1), with a possibility to serve a second term typically reserved for leadership
        • Attend two annual meetings (Fall & Spring) on campus in Auburn
        • Participate on assigned committee by attending meetings, participating on conference or Zoom calls, etc
        • Actively engage with your Harbert Connects mentee
        • Support Harbert College initiatives and priorities of the Dean within your company and/or community
        • Act as alumni ambassador at various college and university events

        Contact Us

        Emma Johnson

        Emma Johnson

        Director of Alumni & Community Relations