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        Airbus Opportunities for 2023 Graduates & Alumni

        September 29, 2022 By Rachel Gullatt

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        Airbus Opportunities for 2023 Graduates & Alumni

        Every year Airbus looks for university graduates from around the world to join our team. Airbus needs people with the aspiration, enthusiasm and talent to help Airbus move forward, change the world, and deliver our vision to pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world. This year they have an exciting opportunity to welcome more graduates into our family with the Airbus Global Graduate Program (AGGP).


        This 2-year program helps participants take flight in their career by joining a development pathway designed to mature skills that are critical and strategically important to the future of Airbus. Graduates will demonstrate their value and new skills within at least two rotational placements in the business, to gain a holistic knowledge about the Airbus business, to understand our opportunities, challenges, and needs, and to learn more about themselves as future leaders. At program completion, Graduates will be equipped to help Airbus grow and continue to reshape the aerospace industry globally. 

        Airbus asking you to help spread the word.  Please share the links below with students who are graduating in the Spring of 2023 and alumni with less than 3 years of relevant work experience.

        OPEN ROLES:

        For the Mobile Manufacturing Site, there are several positions available in three categories: Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing Operations Management, and Business Management & Strategy.

        In our other U.S. locations, Airbus has opportunities including: Systems Engineer in our Mobile, AL Engineering Center, Stress Engineer in our Wichita, KS Engineering Center, Fleet Performance Management on our Herndon,VA Fleet & Engineering Team, and a Process Improvement Management role in Herndon, VA on our SATAIR Americas Operations Team.