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        Social Media Ambassador Program

        Become a Social Media Ambassador for the Harbert College of Business and get hands-on social media marketing experience while promoting your favorite college! 

        Learn how the program works and read the Prerequisites and Requirements before applying. Applications will open next April  for the 2025-2026 Harbert Social Media Ambassador Program. 

        Fall 2022 Social Media Ambassadors meeting in Horton-Hardgrave Hall
        Fall 2022 Social Media Ambassadors walking in front of Lowder Hall
        Fall 2022 Social Media Ambassadors showcasing the Creed Steps

        Combine two things you love: Harbert College of Business and Social Media!

        Meet the Fall '22 Harbert College of Business Social Media Ambassadors

        How does it work?

        The Social Media Ambassador Program is designed to give students hands-on experience with influencer marketing strategies. Social Media Ambassadors follow standard practices of Instagram Influencer Marketing while working on campaigns that encourage a Harbert College of Business education by driving traffic to Harbert College social accounts and website. Selected ambassadors craft and curate content during exclusive events, strategically post to their personal platforms throughout the semester and learn how to monitor their account analytics to gain insight on the campaign's reach and effectiveness.

        Prerequisites and Requirements

        Harbert Social Media Ambassador candidates must meet the following prerequisites: 

        1. Must be a current Harbert College of Business student (major not minor)
        2. Must have a public business or creator Instagram account
        3. Must have a minimum of 2,000 Instagram followers
        4. Must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or above

        Selected candidates are committing to two semesters (Fall and Spring) of required participation in the following events and activities: 

        1. In-person events (5 events total)
        2. Creating and posting content for both the college and student's personal account (approximately 5 hours of work each month outside of each event)
        3. Instagram analytics download and sharing (approximately 1 hour of work)
        4. Sign the Social Media Ambassador Code of Conduct Agreement 
        5. Sign the Social Media Ambassador Posting Requirements Agreement (provided upon acceptance into the program)

        Social Media Ambassador Code of Conduct

        Social Media Ambassadors represent and promote the best of the Harbert College of Business.  While participating in the program, they follow the Social Media Ambassador Code of Conduct and present a clean, neat personal appearance while displaying good manners at all times.  The Code of Conduct rules include, but are not limited to:

        • No pictures containing alcohol logos or cups, bottles or drinks for those who are underage
        • No drinking, smoking, or use of drugs in photos or while wearing Harbert Merchandise
        • No status, comments, or posts containing profanity or disrespectful, crude, or degrading comments
        • No statuses, comments, or posts containing negative comments or remarks about Auburn University or any of its entities
        • No photos with clothing that is unsuitable or distasteful
        • No photos containing nudity

        Harbert Social Media Ambassador Application

        Applications will open April 24, 2024 and close May 15, 2024 for the 2024-2025 Harbert Social Media Ambassador Program.

        Apply to become a Harbert Social Media Ambassador