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        Clubs and Organizations

        Student Council

        Harbert College of Business Student Council

        The College of Business Student Council represents all student organizations in the college. The president and vice president of the Council are elected by the College’s student body. A cabinet is appointed by the president, vice president, and members of the previous year’s Student Council. Students interested in serving on the Council should watch for application postings after the election of the president and vice president.

        Members include:

        • Josh Horton, President
        • Catherin Skinner, Vice President
        • Hunter Hendricks
        • Alex Wang
        • Hays Kassen
        • Paul Davila
        • Kristine Chin Lai
        • Mary Frances Garner
        • Jacqueline Lewis
        • Gracie Braswell

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        Becca C. Grace ‘01

        Coordinator of Student Services