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        New Venture Accelerator

        Building the Auburn Entrepreneur Community

        New Venture AcceleratorThe New Venture Accelerator, which is jointly managed by the Harbert College of Business and the Auburn Research and Technology Foundation, is one element of an overarching strategy to foster entrepreneurship here at Auburn University.

        Our goals are to create a space for students, faculty, and recent graduates to cultivate and develop their entrepreneurial research, skills, and techniques. Here, new ideas can be tested, evaluated, and potentially turned into successful business ideas.

        We want to assist our student and faculty entrepreneurs to INNOVATE, ACCELERATE, and SOAR!

        Mission and Role of the New Venture Accelerator

        The mission and role of the New Venture Accelerator is to support Auburn University and the Auburn Research and Technology Foundation's innovation and entrepreneurship programs by assisting student-entrepreneurs, faculty and staff start-ups, and early-stage commercial ventures with their business ideas and development.

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        Joining New Venture

        All Auburn entrepreneurs are invited to join New Venture. If you would like to apply for a working space, you will be required to complete an application for admission in addition to filling out other related documents. In addition, you will be asked to submit a summary of your business plan and performance milestones.

        • Application Selection Process

          Applicant Selection Committee

          A 5–7 person selection committee, consisting of representatives from the Harbert College of Business, representatives from the Auburn Research and Technology Foundation, up to two entrepreneurs-in-residence, and up to two members of the Auburn University Entrepreneurship Advisory Council, will review each application for a criteria match, make admission decisions, and notify applicants of their decisions.

          Portfolio Diversity and Start-up Graduation Guidelines

          The selection committee will strive to have an inclusive and diverse portfolio of startup-teams resident in the New Venture Accelerator. When space considerations preclude accepting all qualified applicants, the committee will strive to maintain a balanced mix of student-teams, faculty-teams, Auburn University intellectual property licensees, and revenue-generating commercial clients.

          The New Venture Accelerator will operate with the intentionality of seeking out diverse candidates to apply for acceptance into the accelerator and participate in its programs and initiatives.

          Applicants still at the early business idea stage will be encouraged to work initially from the Harbert College Innovation Lab or other Auburn University locations fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The selection committee will periodically review the usage pattern of existing New Venture Accelerator tenants to identify residents no longer meeting eligibility requirements and to identify candidates for graduation from the facility based on the success and growth of their business venture.

          When all members of a student-team have completed their studies and graduated from the university, the team will be given the option to convert to commercial tenant status, paying a monthly fee.

          In general, it is expected that teams growing beyond four to eight members will graduate from the New Venture Accelerator to another location, possibly within the Research Park. In addition, the City of Auburn’s economic development organization has a history of actively collaborating with the university to find startup space for graduating student teams.

        Diversity and Inclusion

        The New Venture Accelerator Program recognizes and values the considerable benefits of diversity in a multicultural world. We believe that interacting with and learning with people from a variety of backgrounds will result in being more apt to understand, appreciate, excel and improve our communities. We believe diversity encompasses the whole of human experience and includes such human qualities as race, gender, ethnicity, physical ability, nationality, age, religion, sexual orientation, economic status, and veteran status. More information on diversity and inclusion at Auburn University is available from the Auburn University Office of Diversity.

        Current Highlighted Start-ups

        • Massoud Mahjouri-Samani, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering - founder NanoPrintek.
          A transformative dry printing technology.
        • Zakariya Veasy, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering – founder of OMNIS.
          A crowdsource banking platform.
        • Scott Rowe, Aviation Management – founder Rodopto. 
          Using drones to plant cover crops that can be converted to renewable diesel fuel.

        Launched Start-ups

        • Chris Maurice, Harbert College of Business – founder of Yellow Card,
          The leading cryptocurrency exchange on the African Continent.
        • Zac Young, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering – founder of Vulcan Line Tools
          Hardware/software system to measure sag, tension, and temperature in power lines.
        • Brooks Fuller, Harbert College of Business – founder of Room2Room Movers.
          Providing a simple, affordable, and efficient moving service for college students.
        • Connor Lewis, Harbert College of Business – co-founder of Class Cash.
          A new mobile app that pays students to be brand ambassadors by using their laptop as a mini billboard.
        • Dr. Michael Zabala, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering – founder of XO Armor
          System for smartphone scanning and 3D printing that provides custom protective sporting gear fitted to athletes.
        • Blair Chenault, Ginn College of Engineering – founder of Flashtract,
          A construction payment management software system.


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        Lou Bifano

        Lou Bifano

        Director of New Venture Accelerator