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        The Complete Business Minor Abroad Program

        Thinking about a business minor? Want to go to Milan or Madrid? Why not do all three? Get your business minor and see both Milan and Madrid this summer.

        The Harbert Milan/Madrid International Program is offered through Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business, and students take all 5 courses to complete a business minor as part of the program. This is a unique opportunity to complete a business minor while also getting a résumé boost with an international experience that will set your apart from your peers.

        What is the Complete Business Minor Abroad program?

        Harbert Students posing for a group shot in a stadium in MadridThe Complete Business Minor Abroad program is designed to give you the chance to earn a minor in business while also exploring the destinations and cultures of Italy and Spain.

        You'll take one live class at a time on location (four face-to-face live classes). Live classes are roughly three weeks long and sequenced to balance workload and program activities, while taking into consideration prerequisites. You'll take two live classes in Milan and two in Madrid. The fifth course (International Business) is completed online across the summer with some cultural and professional activities for the course occurring in both locations.

        You'll also get a week-long summer vacation in the middle of the coursework to allow time to travel and experience Europe on your own or with family, friends or classmates.  

        This structure provides you a multi-cultural experience of business and business cultures all while earning a complete business minor in a single summer semester.

        Learn More About the Complete Business Minor Abroad

        • Important dates for the Complete Business Minor Abroad program
          Complete Business Minor Abroad
          October 12,2022 Applications Open. Space is limited!!!
          December 14, 2022

          Commitment deadline to receive discounted program fee of $16,480.

          December 15, 2022

          Students who commit to program after Dec. 14, 2022 program fee is $16,980.

          January 19, 2023

          Last day to begin an application through Auburn Abroad. Applications take about a week to complete to start ASAP.

          January 31, 2023 Last day to complete applications through Auburn Abroad. NO LATE APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED.

          Once students commit to the program the Bursars office will send an invoice for the program a week later.  However, payment is NOT due until  May 5, 2023.

          May (tentative), 2023 Auburn Study Abroad fee ($729) billed
          May 11, 2023 Depart USA to arrive in Milan May 12
          May 12-14, 2023 Orientation and tours in Milan
          May 15–June 2, 2023 ACCT 2810 (Milan)
          June 5–June 23, 2023 FINC 3810 (Milan)
          June 23, 2023 Travel from Milan to Madrid (included in program fees)
          June 24–July 2, 2023 Summer Break
          July 3–July 18, 2023 MNGT 3810 (Madrid)
          July 20–Aug 3, 2023 MKTG 3810 (Madrid)
          May 8 - Aug 3, 2023 BUSI 3250 (online)
          Aug 4 Depart Madrid to arrive in USA
          End of Semester Declare official Business Minor


        • Who can participate in the program?

          In order to qualify for the Harbert Complete Business Minor Abroad Program, you must be a Sophomore-level or above (minimum 30 hours completed before the program begins), non-business major with a minimum of a 2.25 GPA who wants to complete a business minor that includes the following courses:

          • Fundamentals of Accounting—ACCT 2810
          • Principles of Marketing—MKTG 3310
          • Principles of Management—MNGT 3100
          • Foundations of Business Finance—FINC 3810
          • International Business—BUSI 3250

          You can apply to the program as early as your Freshman year, though you will still have to wait until you reach Sophomore-standing to participate in the abroad program

          Due to the cohort nature of the program, you must apply and be accepted into the program to take any of these courses. Space is limited, so be sure to fill out the application as soon as possible. Business Minor administrators will enroll you in special sections of each course only available to this program.

          You are required to enroll in and complete all 15 credit hours of coursework. Although the program is offered over the summer, the scheduling of courses is unique to this program.

          In addition, Honors sections are available for each course.

        • How many students will be accepted for the program?

          The actual number of students accepted will be determined by the program director in consultation with our partners abroad and the Harbert College of Business Assistant Dean of Global Programs.

          The program (and all Harbert College of Business programs) maintains a strict maximum ratio of students to faculty/staff at 20:1. The expected number of students on the program will be roughly 100 -150 but note that the Business minor is one of the most popular minors on campus (and required by several programs) and spots are limited by staffing and lodging availability.

          To secure a spot, students are advised to begin and complete applications as soon as possible. Acceptance is not guaranteed until the application process has been completed, approved by the program director and University, and the student has committed to the program through Auburn Abroad.

        • When is the best time to participate in the program?

          You can go on this program any summer after your Freshman year, so rising Sophomores and above are accepted (30+ hours).

          However, the best time for a student to go on the program is dependent on each student’s particular situation. Many students prefer to go abroad on the program between Freshman and Sophomore year because doing so provides an early opportunity to expand perspective and also frees up later summers for work, internships, coops or other major related activities. Other students find a later summer works better, allowing them to plan a more specific international experience, develop a more focused travel plan for their international experience, and save up additional money for the trip.

          Though the program is beneficial no matter when you go, to maximize your opportunity, we recommend that you first speak with your academic advisor, the program director and your parent(s) or guardian(s) before making a final decision.

        • What courses will I take on the program, and how many credits are offered?
          • Fundamentals of Accounting—ACCT 2810*
          • Foundations of Marketing—MKTG 3810
          • Foundations of Management—MNGT 3810
          • Foundations of Business Finance—FINC 3810
          • International Business—BUSI 3250

          Note 1: If you have taken ACCT 2810/2817, there will be a business elective replacement course you will take. If you have taken any of the other courses on the list, you will not be eligible for the program as we cannot replace two courses and partial course loads (under 15 hours) are not possible on this program given the structure. * The replacement course must be listed in place of ACCT 2810 on the course approval form as (BUSI 4970 Special Topics in International Business 3 hrs).  

          Note 2: All the above courses are available as Honors courses. 

        • Can I get a complete business minor without going on this program?

          The Harbert College of Business offers a business minor that can be completed as part of a student’s regular coursework on campus. However, there are a few key differences between getting the minor during regular coursework on campus and going on this program.

          First, while both the traditional minor and abroad minor require 15 hours for completion, due to prerequisites (ACCT 2110 /ACCT 2810 is a prerequisite for FINC 3810/3610) the summer abroad program is the only way a student can complete an entire business minor in one semester. For some majors (such as Engineering) that have very limited flexibility to add extra courses into regular semesters, this might be the only option to get a business minor and boost your résumé.

          Second, for the traditional minor, students must take 4 required courses (Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Management) plus either Macroeconomics (ECON 2030) or International Business (BUSI 3250). All students on the abroad minor program will take International Business, which has been adapted to enhance and integrate with the abroad experience. Specifically, International Business will include both cultural and professional experiences abroad in both locations as part of the class, elements not possible with the traditional minor courses on campus.

          Third, for a traditional business minor, students must be junior level to take any of the courses at the 3000 level and up. However, students who attend this program can take these courses as early as their summer between Freshman and Sophomore year as long as they meet the minimum abroad requirements and will have completed a minimum of 30 hours before the program begins. This option is only available through this program.

        • Can I get Honors credit for the courses in the program?

          YES. The Honors College supports study abroad programs. This program offers an Honors option that provides Honors credit for all five courses.

        • When can I register for courses for the the Complete Business Minor Abroad program?

          Once you have been admitted to the program, you will receive official confirmation.  At that point, you may request class enrollment.

          A special section of each course is allocated to this program.  The Program will manually enroll you in each course.  You will receive official notification once that process is complete.  You may only take these courses if you are admitted into the program.

        • What are the travel requirements?

          Visa and Passport
          You will be required to have a valid passport, good for one year after you return to the US after the program.

          If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at

          Housing and Travel
          During the duration of the program, you will stay in either a 3-star or higher hotel or self-service apartments with necessary amenities. While internet and local travel are covered by your fees, you will be responsible for most meals (the area around your lodging has grocery stores and plenty of restaurants to choose from). Specific housing location and details will be provided prior to departure from the US.

          Please note that all COVID protocols required by Auburn University, the Harbert College of Business, the Program Provider Abroad and local authorities will be strictly followed and enforced.

          If you have any further concerns or questions about housing, please contact us at

          COVID-19 Vaccinations
          The Harbert College of Business contracts with vendors for logistics, accommodations and admission to venues abroad. These vendors have been vetted by Auburn University, are licensed, and insured. These vendors require full COVID-19 vaccinations for participation in the entire program, so students should expect a vaccination will be required for this program. They may also require other actions by participants including masking, distancing, curfews, quarantine and limited travel once on the ground abroad.

          If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at

        • Why does the program include both Milan and Madrid together?

          The Harbert College of Business has been running global programs for 25 years. Program locations have included the United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, China and others. In the last few years there have been many requests to expand our summer abroad programs to include two international locations in a single program.

          With our experience, we believe having two world class cities in one program makes sense. These two cities are two of the most requested destinations for study abroad and have welcoming environments for students. In addition, studying in both Milan and Madrid offers a unique chance to contrast these business and cultural environments.

          Also, while students can use/pick up some basic language skills in either/both locations, no language skills are required to participate in the program in these locations.

        • How much does the program cost?

          It should be noted that students do not pay tuition for this program. Students pay Harbert Study Abroad Program fees and Auburn Study Abroad fees in lieu of regular tuition. All coursework is covered by program fees.

          Summer 2023 Program fees ($16,480*/$16,980) include:

          *If student commits to program by December 14, 2022

          • AU coursework credit hours (15)
          • Housing in Milan and Madrid for the duration of the program
          • Flight from Milan to Madrid
          • Bus/metro passes for the duration of the program
          • Cultural and professional programs
          • Day tours of Milan and Madrid
          • Welcome and farewell receptions
          • Emergency evacuation insurance

          Estimated additional costs not included in the program fees are $4,969. These costs include:

          • Airfare to Milan and return from Madrid
          • Most meals
          • Passport and visa if needed
          • Optional tours and travel
          • Mandatory trip cancellation insurance
          • Auburn Abroad fee ($708)
          • Harbert College Professional Fees ($100–$175 depending on # of hours completed)

          The overall expected cost for this program is $19,869. This includes 15 credit hours of academic course credit. Given the benefits, compared to taking typical classes on campus, this program is a good investment, especially for out-of-state students as the cost is similar to a typical semester, but includes a summer abroad experience of a lifetime AND a résumé boost by allowing students to get more business coursework completed before they apply for internships and jobs.


        • What is the application process?

          The application process requires students to apply and register with the AU Study Abroad office. Students must meet the academic requirements for the program and be in good standing with the registrar’s office to study abroad. 

          The application period for all Harbert study abroad programs opens October 15, 2022. These application periods are considered with rolling admission, which means that the programs will accept applications until programs either fill or final rosters are due to our international partners for housing, tours, etc., but students must begin to apply no later than January 14, 2023, and complete the application process no later than January 27, 2023, to be eligible for the 2022 Summer program.

          DUE TO UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS, NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR ANY REASON. Students are encouraged to apply early and move through the application process efficiently as the program will likely fill and close at some point late in the Fall semester or the beginning of Spring.

          The Harbert College of Business will have several information sessions for the program. Students are encouraged to attend an information session to help navigate the process of applying. During the information session, students will have an opportunity to speak with an Auburn Abroad coordinator or intern about specific questions that they may have in the preliminary planning stages for study abroad. 

          Students who are ready to apply to this program, may start their application.

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        Have more questions?

        Check out our General FAQ for more details on studying abroad. If you still have a question afterwards, get in touch with us through the contact information below!

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