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        Business Core Fast Track Program

        Thinking about a getting a head start on your business core? Want to go to Milan or Madrid? Why not do all three? Jump start your business major and see both Milan and Madrid this summer.

        The Harbert Fast-Track in Milan/Madrid allows students to take 15 hours of core business coursework to jump start their major program, while also getting a valuable international experience. Importantly, students who complete the Fast-Track program can begin taking electives in their major during the Fall of their Junior year rather than having to wait until Spring, which is critical for getting internships. 

        What is the Business Core Fast Track program?

        The Business Core Fast Track program is designed to give business majors the chance to get a head start on their business curriculum while also exploring the destinations and cultures of Italy and Spain.

        Madrid, SpainAs a business major on this program, you'll take the core business Principles courses (Marketing, Management, Finance, Supply Chain Management and Professional Development IV) as well an elective course, International Business, in the summer between your Sophomore and Junior year. Doing so allows you to begin taking electives in Marketing, Management and Supply Chain in the Fall of your Junior year when your colleagues would be taking principles classes. This Fast Track then allows you to complete more electives in the major and more business coursework before you begin looking for internships and other work opportunities in the summer between Junior and Senior year. This option can improve internship and job opportunities and possibly speed up your graduation.

        You'll take one live class at a time on location (4 face-to-face live classes). Live classes are roughly three weeks long and sequenced to balance workload and program activities, while taking into consideration prerequisites. You'll take two live classes in Milan and two in Madrid. The remaining four credit hours in the program are completed online across the summer with some cultural and professional activities for the online courses occurring in both locations.

        You'll also get a week-long summer vacation in the middle of the coursework to allow time to travel and experience Europe on your own or with family, friends or classmates.  This structure gives you a multi-cultural experience of business and business cultures all while completing 15 credits in the business core—including four Principles courses—in the summer before most business students begin taking these courses.

        Infomation Sessions

        • Thursday, January 11 at 5:30 p.m. in Lowder 125A
        • Tuesday, January 16 at 5:30 p.m. in Lowder 129

        Fast Track Business Core Details

        • Schedule
          Business Core Fast Track
          September 25, 2023 Application review period begins. Space is limited.
          December 13, 2023

          Commitment deadline to receive discounted program fee of $16,480

          December 14, 2023

          Students who commit to program after Dec 14, 2023 program fee is: $16,980

          January 18, 2024 Last day to begin an application with Auburn Abroad. Applications take at least a week to complete, so start ASAP.
          January 31, 2024 Last day to complete applications through Auburn Abroad. NO LATE APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED.
          May (tentative), 2024 Auburn Study Abroad fee ($751) billed
          May 9, 2024 Depart USA to arrive in Milan May 10
          May 10–12, 2024 Orientation and tours in Milan
          May 13–May 31, 2024 Course 1 (Milan)
          June 3–June 21, 2024 Course 2 (Milan)
          June 22–June 29, 2024 Summer Break
          July 1–July 19, 2024 Course 3 (Madrid)
          July 22–Aug 2, 2024 Course 4 (Madrid)
          May 6-Aug 2, 2024 Course 5 & BUSI 4010 (Online)
          Aug 3 Depart Madrid to arrive in USA
        • Participant Details

          In order to qualify for the Harbert Business Minor Abroad Program, you must be a Sophomore- or Junior-level business major with a 3.0 GPA  and have earned 60 credit hours prior to the start of the summer program. Also, students must not have taken the program courses listed below, and must have completed either ACCT 2110 or ACCT 2117 PRIOR to program start. Honors sections are available for each course. 

          We recommend that you first speak with your academic advisor, the program director and your parent(s) or guardian(s) before making a final decision.

          Due to the cohort nature of the program, you must apply and be accepted into the program to take any of these courses. Space is limited, so be sure to fill out the application as soon as possible.

          You are required to enroll in and complete all 15-16 credit hours of coursework. Although the program is offered over the summer, the scheduling of courses is unique to this program.

        • Coursework (15-16 credit hours)

          Students are required to take all offered courses for a total of 15 credits. Courses are Auburn University courses taught by Auburn instructors, and the courses include:

          • Principles of Management—MNGT 3100 (3 credit hours)
          • Principles of Finance—FINC 3610 (3 credit hours)
          • Operations: Management of Business Process—SCMN 2150 (2 credit hours)*
          • Principles of Marketing—MKTG 3310 (3 credit hours)
          • International Business—BUSI 3250 (3 credit hours)
          • Professional Development in Business IV—BUSI 4010 (1 credit hour)

          Note 1: If you have taken SCMN 2150, there will be a business elective replacement course you will take. If you have taken more than one of the above courses, you will not be eligible for the program as we cannot replace two courses and partial course loads (under 15 hours) are not possible on this program given the structure. * The replacement course must be listed in place of SCMN 3250 on the course approval form as (BUSI 4970 – Special Topics in International Business - 2 hrs).

          Note 2:  You must complete either ACCT 2110 or 2117 before entering the program.  It is a prerequisite to FINC 3610.

          All the above courses are available as Honors courses. 

        • Fast Track Business Core on Campus

          Yes. It is sometimes possible for students to take these courses at Auburn during summer without going abroad.

          However, most departments currently offer few face-to-face principles courses in the summer on campus, offering only online versions instead. In addition, when live classes are offered, summer scheduling conflicts often limit the options for taking all these courses simultaneously at AU in the summer between Sophomore and Junior year.

          Other options include the possibility of taking these courses at another institution. In contrast to these options, this program offers the core principles courses sequenced so students can take them all in one summer abroad live on location in Rome and Madrid taught by Harbert College of Business faculty.

        • Honors credit 

          YES. The Honors College supports study abroad programs. This program offers an Honors option that provides Honors credit for all five courses.

        • Registering for courses

          Once you have been admitted to the program, you will receive official confirmation.  At that point, you may request class enrollment.

          A special section of each course is allocated to this program.  The program will manually enroll you in each course.  You will receive official notification once that process is complete.  You may only take these courses if you are admitted into the program.

        • Needs-Based Program Support Information

          Funding for this program support is being provided by the Auburn University Provost Vini Nathan and the Harbert College of Business administration (led by HCOB Interim Dean Jennifer Phillips-Mueller and Assistant Dean for Global Programs Danny Butler. 

          The Program Support is available in the form of 2 - $10,000 Support Packages targeted for applicants to the Fast Track program, and 5 - $4,000 Support Packages available for either Fast Track or Business Minor applicants. 

          All Program Support packages will be targeted for full 12-week Summer program applicants.  When reviewing Program Support applications, key applicant qualifications to be evaluated include:

          • Applicant financial need
          • A lack of previous international travel and study experiences
          • AU academic performance
          • AU extracurricular and leadership engagement. 

          Applications will be accepted until January 15, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.  Applicants will be notified regarding the receipt of Program Support by January 31, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.  To apply, please click on the following link and complete the Qualtrics survey:

          Apply Now

        • Travel requirements

          Visa and Passport
          You will be required to have a valid passport, good for 6 months after you return to the US after the program. Visa now required (cost approximately $8).

          If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at

          Housing and Travel
          During the duration of the program, you will stay in a self-service apartments with necessary amenities. While internet and local travel are covered by your fees, you will be responsible for most meals (the area around your lodging has grocery stores and plenty of restaurants to choose from). Students will be responsible for their travel arrangements and expenses from Milan to Madrid during summer break week. Specific housing locations and details will be provided prior to departure from the U.S. All health and safety protocols required by the university, college, local authorities, and program partners abroad will be strictly followed and enforced.

          Please note that all COVID protocols required by Auburn University, the Harbert College of Business, the Program Provider Abroad and local authorities will be strictly followed and enforced.

          If you have any further concerns or questions about housing, please contact us at

        • Why Milan and Madrid

          The Harbert College of Business has been running global programs for 20 years. Program locations have included the United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, China and others. In the last few years there have been many requests to expand our summer abroad programs to include two international locations in a single program.

          With our experience, we believe having two world class cities in one program makes sense. These two cities are two of the most requested destinations for study abroad and have welcoming environments for students. In addition, studying in both Rome and Madrid offers a unique chance to contrast these business and cultural environments.

          Also, while students can use/pick up some basic language skills in either/both locations, no language skills are required to participate in the program in these locations.

        • Program cost

          It should be noted that students do not pay tuition for this program. Students pay Harbert Study Abroad Program fees and Auburn Study Abroad fees in lieu of regular tuition. All coursework is covered by program fees.

          Summer 2024 Program fees ($16,480*/$16,980) include:

          *A discount of $500 If the student commits to the program by December 13, 2023.

          * Regardless of when a student commits to the program, an invoice will be sent to the student from the Bursar’s office a week later.  However, payment is not due until May 2024.

          • AU coursework credit hours (15/16 hours)
          • Housing in Millan and Madrid for the duration of the program
          • Bus/metro passes for the duration of the program
          • Cultural and professional programs
          • Day tours of Millan and Madrid
          • Day trips such as Lake Como & Toledo
          • Welcome and farewell receptions
          • Emergency evacuation insurance

          Estimated additional costs not included in the program fees are $4,969. These costs include:

          • Airfare to Millan and return from Madrid
          • Most meals
          • Passport and visa if needed
          • Optional tours and travel
          • Mandatory trip cancellation insurance
          • Auburn Abroad fee ($751)
          • Harbert College Professional Fees (~$150  depending on # of hours completed)

          The overall expected cost for this program is $19,869. This includes 15 credit hours of academic course credit. Given the benefits, compared to taking typical classes on campus, this program is a good investment, especially for out-of-state students as the cost is similar to a typical semester, but includes a summer abroad experience of a lifetime AND a résumé boost by allowing students to get more business coursework completed before they apply for internships and jobs.

        • The application process

          The application process requires students to apply and register with the AU Study Abroad office. Students must meet the academic requirements for the program and be in good standing with the registrar’s office to study abroad. 

          The application period for all Harbert study abroad programs opens September 25, 2023. These application periods are considered with rolling admission, which means that the programs will accept applications until programs either fill or final rosters are due to our international partners for housing, tours, etc., but students must begin to apply no later than January 18, 2024, and complete the application process no later than January 31, 2024, to be eligible for the 2022 Summer program.

          DUE TO UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS, NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR ANY REASON. Students are encouraged to apply early and move through the application process efficiently as the program will likely fill and close at some point late in the Fall semester or the beginning of Spring.

          The Harbert College of Business will have several information sessions for the program. Students are encouraged to attend an information session to help navigate the process of applying. During the information session, students will have an opportunity to speak with an Auburn Abroad coordinator or intern about specific questions that they may have in the preliminary planning stages for study abroad. 

          Students who are ready to apply to this program, may start their application.

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        Have more questions?

        Check out our General FAQ for more details on studying abroad. If you still have a question afterwards, get in touch with us through the contact information below!

        General FAQ

        Applications Open Now!

        We have limited space for our Harbert Business Core Fast Track program, so be sure to submit your application as soon as possible!

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