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        Anthony Roath

        Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Supply Chain Management



        • BS, USAF Academy
        • MBA, Michigan State University
        • PhD, Michigan State University

        Professional Activities

        Roath focuses on understanding how supply chain networks respond to global environments. This study approach explores the interaction of companies as they react to and work with each other to compete and develop sustainable mechanisms, such as technology and innovation. The foundation to this research is grounded in logistics and international business research and practice; the findings and insight from these research studies have been published in outlets including: The Journal of Business Logistics (earning two paper of the year awards) and the Journal of International Business Studies. Subsequent research in these areas have expanded into interest in supply chain sustainability, which was enabled with a Fulbright Scholarship in the United Kingdom and a subsequent grant to help establish a study of supply chain efficiency with a large UK retailer.

        Prior to academia, Roath served in the Air Force and in the private sector in management consulting. These experiences are applied to the classroom to help impress upon the students the need to develop a broad understanding of global supply chain challenges to companies and communities and the important role of critical decision-making to help navigate challenges and explore opportunities.  

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