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        Marketing class gives insight into campus dining

        December 7, 2015

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        The concept of dining on campus has greatly evolved since John Belushi’s infamous cafeteria dining room scene in “Animal House.” “What’s changed more than anything is the traditional college food of a big dining hall, or two or three on campus,” Glenn Loughridge, Director of Campus Dining, said. “Now, students are demanding more convenient options. They want food to be where they are.”

        What do students enjoy about Campus Dining at Auburn University? What do they not enjoy? As marketing students with a few years of their own experiences, what are their concerns and suggestions moving forward? Loughridge spoke Thursday, Nov. 19, in professor Herbert Jack Rotfeld’s Misplaced Marketing class in the Harbert College of Business to hear their views and to discuss with them the role of marketing in all levels of campus dining’s service.

        “There’s a need for Campus Dining to really understand what would give the best food experience for students,” Rotfeld said. “Keeping students eating healthy during the day so they will do their best in class – that’s what Campus Dining wants. And from a students’ point of view it’s to understand how and why Campus Dining is doing this and understand the marketing imperatives they face.”

        Dining options are spread throughout campus, from the Village to Foy to Terrell and the Student Center, offering a variety of options – giving students plenty of choices (36) often close by. How close? Loughlin said a research team studied how far students would walk to find food. The answer: “80 percent will walk about three minutes. That’s it. Convenience is a big piece of what we do,” said Loughridge, who meets with students in classes or with student groups whenever possible to keep abreast of ways to better serve students’ interests in variety and quality of food service.