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        Faculty spotlight: Former Silicon Valley executive Jack Hopkins finds new role at Harbert

        October 13, 2022 By Troy Turner

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        First impressions of Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business, its students and Auburn’s many fabled traditions added up to a desire to be a part of it for Notre Dame graduate and Fulbright scholar Jack Hopkins.

        Hopkins, who grew up in Warwick, Rhode Island, is a lecturer in Harbert’s Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, teaching a variety of courses including international management, entrepreneurship, strategic management and engineering technology.

        Jack Hopkins teaching in classroom

        Jack Hopkins, former Silicon Valley executive and Harbert Department of Management and Entrepreneurship lecturer.

        “I had some experiences with the Harbert faculty when I taught at Clemson,” Hopkins recalled. “We tried to hire some professors to the school. I knew of the reputation.”

        His attraction to Auburn continued to grow after joining the Harbert faculty in 2019. “Since I am a huge fan of college sports, I enjoy the association we have with the SEC, and the ability to attend many sporting events on campus. The football pre-game activities prior to kickoff are my favorite tradition I enjoy at Auburn,” Hopkins said. “I can honestly say as a Notre Dame graduate that Auburn’s band, tailgate scene, the launch of the war eagles and the general atmosphere here are unbeatable. I have season tickets for football, baseball and women’s basketball.”

        Equally enjoyable to him is his work, he said.

        “My favorite part of the job is the daily interactions with the students. In fact, on my interview visit here, several students spent time with me via a golf cart tour of the Auburn campus,” Hopkins said. “I was very impressed with the quality of students in the Harbert College of Business.”

        Hopkins was a Fulbright scholar in Denmark. He holds two masters degrees, one in international studies from Notre Dame and another in marketing from the University of Rhode Island.

        He is the author of the books: 10 Essential Keys to Strategic Planning (2021) and The International Management Reader (2021) at Cognella Publishing, and The Forgotten P: A Real-Life Guide to Practical Marketing (2018) at Kendall Hunt Publishing.

        Students in his classes can expect a taste of real-world experience in his lectures.

        “Prior to my career transition to full-time teaching in 2010, I spent 30-plus years engaged in the business world, including 20 years doing international business and 10 years working in four startups in the Silicon Valley,” Hopkins said. “My sole focus as a teacher is to provide my students with a realistic point of view about how the business world really operates, in the U.S. and abroad, in Fortune 50 companies and in startup firms.

        “Having hired many students in my capacity as a marketing and sales executive, I see my chief value in preparing them not only to get a job, but in how to thrive both professionally and personally with their career path.”

        His advice to prospective students?

        “Harbert College of Business has dedicated faculty and staff whose focus is on you the student. In addition, we have amazing facilities and a broad array of courses that will allow you to test out your interests in the business field,” Hopkins said. “I would suggest they start out in their freshman year to build value in terms of knowledge and skills so during their time at Auburn they will have the confidence to believe they can achieve whatever they set out to do.

        “Try different fields of business via electives; do work-study or internships, and above all, make sure you engage with your professors and advisors to get feedback and support in your journey here,” he said. “Be your own best agent and take charge of your career goals.”