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        Finance professors' work cited in book

        June 23, 2014 By Joe McAdory

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        Finance impacts governments, businesses and individuals. One way or the other, it has a direct influence on the entire world. That’s why it warrants study. Two Harbert College finance professors explained the need for continued financial learning and research in their six-page paper “Why Study Finance? that was accepted for publication in the upcoming book Finance for the Curious: Why Study Finance? Jim Barth, Lowder Eminent Scholar, and John S. Jahera, Jr., Bobby Lowder Professor of Finance, explained the depths finance reaches across the globe in their six-page article. “Finance is far more important than it’s typically taught in college-level courses,” Barth said. “Finances permeate every aspect of human life in ways that we don’t comprehend. If affects those wanting to plan for retirement but don’t get to live the lifestyle that they intended. It affects entrepreneurs and how they implement their business plans. If affects how you buy a car or a home, or if you have medical problems and need funds to get treatment.” The paper examined how and why governments, businesses and individuals raise money, the need for borrowing funds through credit cards and mortgages, how students can find career opportunities in finance, and retirement. It also touched on the global financial crisis. “Unfortunately, too many people are financially illiterate,” Barth said. “We have to cure that problem.”