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        Alumni Spotlight: Bertha Hoskins `80

        November 17, 2015 By Troy Johnson

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        Bertha HoskinsBertha Hoskins, retired from her career at Hughes Aircraft Company, has been actively engaged with the Harbert College of Business since earning an accounting degree in 1980. She and her husband, Jim, have been members of the Shareholders’ Club since 2005. Hoskins is also a member of the 1856 Society, Athletics Strategic Advisory Committee, and Campaign Leadership Committee. Bertha and Jim established an Endowed Fund for Excellence at the Harbert College in 2014. Q: What has been the most rewarding part of your investment in the Harbert College? A: My husband and I have felt compelled to give to Auburn over the years based on our loyalty to our Alma Mater.  However, we didn’t really know what our investment was buying.  Once I became a member of the campaign committee, I have been able to see how the generous contributions of Alumni and friends make a difference in the lives of students and professors.  Several years ago, Dean Hardgrave, the staff and advisory committees developed a strategic plan.  The plan lays out the tactical steps needed to reach the goals in the plan.  Each gift is matched to a step based on the interests of the donor moving the Harbert College of Business closer to meeting its long-term goals.  It is very satisfying to me to see the plan come to life knowing its impact on the students, staff and professors. Q: What was your first job? A: My first job after graduating from Auburn was with a regional accounting firm in Annapolis, Maryland.  My husband was in the military when we graduated and he was stationed in Maryland.  I was hired just for the tax season but was asked to remain as a permanent member of the staff.  Because it was a small office, we had to do it all, audits, compliations, tax, financial planning and even bookkeeping.  Having seen all the financial aspects of a business really helped me later when I went to work as a Financial Manager for Hughes Aircraft Company.  (Yes, that was Howard Hughes’ company.) Q: Why did you choose your profession? A: My father owned several small businesses but he was not a very good organizer or bookkeeper.  He was more people oriented.   I worked for him when I was in high school trying to help him keep up with the financial side of his business and found it was very satisfying to me when I could help organize his books and records. Q: What’s the best advice you have ever received? A: Don’t sweat the small stuff! Q: What is one piece of advice you wish you would have known in college? A: You can be a successful accountant without going into public accounting.  When I was in school and you were majoring in accounting, the only path to success was through public accounting.  I found the few years I spent in public accounting helpful but not necessary to move up in the corporate world.