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        ATAC director re-certified as IMC management consultant

        July 21, 2015 By Troy Johnson

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        When the initials CMC follow a consultant’s name, it means that he or she is a Certified Management Consultant and has met strict certification requirements of the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) U.S.A.

        Henry Burdg, director of the Auburn Technical Assistance Center (ATAC) in Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business, initially attained CMC distinction in 1984 and the IMC USA recently renewed Burdg’s certification.

        “Most people are aware of the certifications for an accountant – CPA – or an engineer – PE –and other professional occupations,” Burdg said. “In the management consulting profession CMC is likened to the CPA or PE as a general standard of competence, ethics and results.

        “Over the past 32 years as a Certified Management Consultant, I have been able to work with hundreds of business leaders and organizations offering recommendations for change and improvement. This experience allows a deep understanding of how organizations function effectively and provides insight for solving ‘next level’ challenges.”

        Re-certification is required every three years. Less than one percent of all consultants have achieved CMC distinction.

        IMC USA is the premier professional association and the sole certifying body dedicated to individuals in the field of consulting to management. CMC is a professional icon that is recognized internationally by some 44 member countries.

        The Auburn Technical Assistance Center was established in 1976 and is an affiliate of the Alabama Technology Network and an Economic Development Administration University Center. As an arm of the Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business outreach program, ATAC provides business and technical assistance, customized training, and consultation in implementing value-added strategies to manufacturers and other businesses, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies in Alabama and the Southeast.