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        Why You Should Consider an Internship in the Insurance Industry

        March 21, 2019 By Mandy Harrelson

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        Here’s Why You Should Consider An Internship In The Insurance Industry

        By: Amee Donald, Agency Relations Manager

        Looking for a summer internship is no easy task. You know that you need to find one because it’s no longer enough to have a college degree. In today’s world, you need experience right off the bat in order to get the job and the salary that you deserve.

        So, how do you go about finding a quality internship program? How do you know which ones are going to be worth your time and really give you the hands-on experience you desire? Where can you find one that leads to a fulfilling career?

        Well, the first step is figuring out what field is going to work for your degree. If you decide that insurance is the place for you, here’s why starting with an internship in the insurance industry will be a great fit for you.

        Benefits of finding the right internship in the insurance industry

        • The average student often doesn’t realize how vital insurance is to society and may not consider this path when making a career goal. Through an internship in the insurance industry, you can see firsthand that insurance is not only a viable way to make a living, but a fulfilling and rewarding career. Almost literally, you can throw a rock and hit something that needs to be insured.
        • Through your internship experience, you’ll be able to find out if the insurance industry holds a career where it’d be easy to love what you do each day. (This should always be your ultimate career goal.)
        • Even if you come from a risk management background, it can be hard to decide between an actuarial position, like an underwriter, a career as a Producer (a.k.a. insurance agent), or a front-line service person. An internship can help you decide which part of the industry is a better fit for your skillset.
        • With the right agency, you’ll have the opportunity to see how a range of roles come together to make the business successful. That’s why it’s essential to find a internship program that allows you to shadow everyone, from producers and account managers, to quality management, office administration and even those in leadership roles.

        Elevate: The Byars|Wright Internship Program

        The Byars|Wright internship program is called Elevate. We chose that name because it summarizes our end goal, which is to get students to that next level as they determine what their career path in our industry looks like after graduation.

        Whether you’re in the Risk Management Program or in the process of obtaining your Business Degree, if you know that insurance is the industry for you, a summer internship at Byars|Wright can introduce you to the insurance industry’s best kept secret.

        By the end of the program, students can expect to have a thorough understanding of how an independent agency works, leaving you better equipped to begin your career upon graduation.

        What to expect from our 2019 summer internship program

        Once you’ve been selected to be a part of our summer internship program, don’t expect to be making copies and going on coffee runs. As a part of the Byars|Wright internship program, you’re family and just as much of an equal as our producers, service team, or any other role within our agency.

        As an intern, you’ll go through a similar on-boarding process as our new hires, which includes shadowing someone in every role in the agency. We do this because, at Byars|Wright, we win with people. We all work together, and you must observe every role in order to get the full experience. It’s not just about the producer securing the business nor is it limited to servicing the account; everyone works together to make our agency run the way it does.

        With us, you’re going to learn a fair amount of life skills that will be valuable across the board.  An environment that reinforces building relationships is a large part of the experience and at Byars|Wright, relationships matter.

        Apply for a 2019 summer internship today at Byars|Wright in Birmingham, AL

        For those of you who aren’t in a Risk Management Program at a local university, you’ll be happy to know that some of our strongest team members didn’t major in an industry-related field. No matter the field of study you’re currently in, what’s more important is that you’re a self-starter who wants to be in the insurance industry and understands the value of relationships.

        We seek out students in or connected to the Birmingham area who thrive in a team-oriented environment and enjoy working interdependently. If this sounds like a program you want to be a part of, at a company who will treat you like family, then we encourage you to apply for an internship position today!

        Byars|Wright, Inc. . is a locally owned and operated independent insurance agency with four offices in the greater Birmingham area that has developed into a major provider of commercial and personal insurance. Since 1946, the agency has made acquisitions to expand its scope of business and delivers a wide range of insurance products with quality coverage at competitive prices. Byars|Wright has been designated a Best Practices Agency by the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America and was also named “Best Companies to Work For in Alabama” by Business Alabama in 2016, 2017, and 2018. Byars|Wright, Where Relationships Matter.