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        Strategic Financial Partners Lunch and Learn - Tues March 24th 11:30-1:00 pm! RSVP NOW!

        March 5, 2020 By Mandy Harrelson

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        Come Lunch and Learn

        Strategic Financial Partners was created in 1933 with the sole purpose of providing financial advice to families and small businesses. What makes us unique is we have an energetic culture where we believe that the power of teamwork is better than the power of one. All of our advisors are backed by firm specialists, CPA’s, Attorneys to help deliver the best financial planning experience to our clients.

        We have a 10 week internship program for rising seniors & seniors that teaches students the basics of the financial planning business in an educational format where you will be shadowing other advisors.

        For our new advisors, we have a 3 year training program where they will be partnered with a manager who will teach the advisor how to build a financial planning practice. Throughout these 3 years, you will learn through on the job training, classroom training, skype meetings, and in person training at our sales school held twice a year for new advisors.

        Other topics of discussion

        • What it takes to be a successful financial advisor

        • Walk through a few different sample cases on how we help individuals and small businesses so students can understand the type of work that we do

        • The rewards of the business that come if you invest the time and money into it.