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        Successful Study Approach

        June 30, 2021 By Jane Robison

        Successful Study Approach for ALL
        5000-Level and Above ACCT Classes 

        The key to success in upper-level accounting classes is REPETITION, which you can get by following the successful study approach below: 

        1. PRE-READ.  Before each class, quickly read the assigned chapter in order to be familiar with the concepts. 

        2. ATTEND. Attend each class, listen to the lecture/discussion, and work along with in-class excercises.

        3. RE-READ & OUTLINE. Reread the assigned chapter very thoroughly and make yourself a condensed outline of the chapter. 

        4. WORK HOMEWORK. Begin to work your homework assignments while referring back to similar examples in the chapter and your class notes. 

        5. WORK MORE PROBLEMS. Review your chapters and homework assignments before each exam. Work additional exercises from the text to confirm your understanding of the material.    *caution* Don't rework the same problems over and over. When you do this, you develop a false  sense of understanding 

        6. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Practice using the Gleim questions and explanations to test your understanding. You need to understand the material, not just mechanically memorize it. Exams are designed to measure your understanding.

        Studying the Gleim questions will help you practice for upper level accounting exams at Auburn. While you are studying the Gleim questions, you are also practicing for the CPA exam, because Gleim questions come from old CPA exams.

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