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        AICPA Student Ambassador Opportunity

        January 18, 2023 By Huy Vu

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        The AICPA is starting a new program for student ambassadors. The purpose of the program is to build trust, foster relationships, and provide leadership opportunities for our students. As our student ambassadors, they will have the opportunity to improve their leadership and communication skills, gain additional program resources, improve their resumes, and add value to their accounting or finance degrees.  

        What their responsibilities are:  

        • Embody the AICPA’s brand identity in appearance, personality, values, and ethics 
        • Engage with peers by sharing knowledge about AICPA and our student membership 
        • Participate in social media campaigns by sharing your experiences as an accounting student and a Student Affiliate member 
        • Promote our webinars, scholarships, and resources with peers 

        Benefits they will receive from the program:  

        • Receive a Free AICPA Digital Mindset Pack Course with the following (Normally $369!) 
          • Blockchain/Data Analytics 
          • Robotic Process Automation 
          • Blockchain/Data Analytics 
        • Secure AICPA swag 
        • Receive a digital certificate 
        • Establish digital recognition 
        • Get your skills promoted with our endorsement on your LinkedIn profile 
        • Earn other fun rewards throughout the year 

        For requirements to be eligible, they must: 

        • Be aged 18 and over 
        • Be a current enrolled undergraduate or graduate student 
        • Have a GPA of at least 3.0 
        • Be enrolled in an accounting or finance degree 
        • Be an AICPA Student Affiliate member for at least a year 
        • Send a sample video 

        Apply Here