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        Accounting, Professional Development

        Don't Forget Your Thank Yous!

        January 23, 2024 By Lillie Patton

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        The employers meet a ton of students at Meet the Firms; how will you set yourself apart? Sending a follow-up note or email to professionals you meet is another way to be visible to them (not to mention, it's good etiquette). Put those business cards that you'll collect to good use!

        Your note doesn't have to be long - include a simple greeting and closing, remind them of who you are/some aspect of your conversation in the body, indicate your interest in their employer, and thank them for their time.  Here is an example (NOT A TEMPLATE - customize yours!).  The ideal timeframe to send a thank you is within 24-48 hours of the event.  Beyond that, your communication is still appreciated, but just not as timely.

        Dear John,

        Thank you so much for speaking to me at Meet the Firms last night.  I really enjoyed learning more about John & John CPA Firm; it sounds like you guys have an awesome internship program.  Also, I cannot believe that we both know Jim Bob Lewis from Selma!  What a small world.

        I would love to attend future events you host on campus, and hope to see you again soon.  My resume is attached for your reference.

        War Eagle!

        Bill Smith

        There really is not a wrong way to thank someone, but I have included some food for thought on each method below.  It all depends on what you want to accomplish with your note, and who is on the receiving end.  Either way, your gratitude will be appreciated by the employers.

        NOTE: If you are indifferent as to your preferred method, email is recommended due to the popularity of remote work (unless you have a confirmed mailing address).

        Hand-Written Notes


        Can take several days to reach the recipient (unless hand-delivered)

        Instantly delivered – no waiting for the postman to do his job or for that person to check their office mailbox.

        Very personal – it has your handwriting on your stationery

        Not as easy to set appearance of email apart from other email messages

        Appropriate for practitioners/recruiters that you know are frequently in the office to receive mail – i.e. recruiters, partners & tax folks

        May be best for practitioners that are not frequently in the office to receive mail – i.e. Auditors or other traveling consultants

        You may not receive acknowledgement that your note was received, so be sure that you don’t require a response

        Best to use if you are asking a question or need a response