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        Finding Housing During Your Internship

        November 10, 2021 By Colby Lakas

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        The celebration of finding your internship has subsided, and now you're wondering where in the heck you're going to live for that 8-10 week period. Here are a few tips for locating your temporary abode in your internship city.

        • Does your employer offer housing assistance? Some firms may pay for your housing, or have deals with local apartment complexes. They may also have professionals that are willing to rent out a room to interns. If it's not outlined in your offer letter, it doesn't hurt to ask your recruiter!
        • Using your network is a great way for you to find a place to live. For example, when I looked for Atlanta housing before my internship, a friend's older sister told me about some college friends with a basement apartment in Atlanta. All it took was for me to get the word out to my network about my short-term housing need, and I loved the end result! The house was in a great neighborhood, and my temporary roomies were super fun to be around. Similarly, some of your pals from your chosen city may have parents that would love to "adopt" you for the spring!
        • Is there an apartment finding service in that city? Most major cities have apartment finding websites or services, and you can search for short-term leases (since you'll only be there a little over 2 months). These leases will likely be more expensive than your rent in Auburn, but at least you'll be making money during your internship! The most important thing is to make sure that your apartment is in a safe location; size won't matter as much since you'll be at work for most of your days. Here are a few options that I know of, but a Google search is also worthwhile!
        • Promove & AR Corporate (Atlanta only)
        • Apartment Guide (any major city)
        • Apartment Finder (any major city)
        • Apartment List (any major city)
        • (any city)
        • AirBnB will sometimes offer extended rentals, so it's worth a shot!  You can rent an entire apartment/home or a single room. If you go the room route, be sure that your temporary roommate is an upstanding citizen!
        • Craigslist is an option, but only if you do your diligence. Craigslist classifieds can be the source of some nice short-term options (e.g. people who own vacant condos and are just looking to pay their mortgage), but renter beware...some sketchy stuff is on there as well. If you find a place that looks good, GO SEE IT before you commit, and my recommendation is to take one of your parents with you. Ask a lot of questions of the landlord to make sure that you cover your bases and trust him/her. If your mom or dad feels good about it, then it's probably safe. They're the ones that will worry about you the whole time, so it's important to get their buy-in.
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