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        Accounting, Student Organizations

        Gleim Campus Rep Program

        February 12, 2017 By Amy Murphy

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        Gleim is now seeking highly energetic and professional students to become leaders in our Campus Rep Program!

        This program allows your students with junior-level standing or above to earn a free review system while enjoying the following career-enhancing benefits:

        • Peer and professional networking
        • Entrepreneurial skills
        • Leadership growth

        The Campus Rep responsibilities are enjoyable and easy to accomplish. Students can earn their free review system in a variety of ways, including coordinating and attending accounting events, interacting with other students via social media, and spreading the word about accounting certification opportunities for students and how Gleim can guide them to their goals. 

        The start of the spring semester is the perfect time for students to join our fun, fast-growing program. Please advise your students to apply by visiting our Campus Rep website and completing the short contact form.

        Much like you, our mission is to enrich accounting students' collegiate experiences and equip them for a successful career. Please share with us how we can help you and your students in this endeavor through the Campus Rep program or other events on campus. Sarah Sheppard, our Campus Rep Coordinator, is available at or 800.874.5346 ext. 453.