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        Your GMAT Questions Answered

        March 21, 2024 By Andee Hodo

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        Common Questions About the GMAT 

        If you plan to pursue your CPA exam educational requirements via a Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program, you'll want to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) to apply. While the GMAT is optional for the AU MAcc program, it is recommended.   

        Why take the GMAT?

        The GMAT is usually required for admission to any graduate business program. If you’re interested in a MBA over a MAcc, the GMAT can improve your overall application package.

        When should I take the GMAT?

        The GMAT score is valid for five years; therefore, you should take the GMAT early in your collegiate academic career while your high school course work is fresh on your mind. Auburn MAcc applicants should plan to take the GMAT no later than the summer before their final fall semester.  Taking it early will give you a chance to sit a second time, if necessary, in order to meet the application deadline. The test is offered at computer testing centers throughout the country as well as online from any location.

        What is the GMAT Format, Timing, and Content?

        The GMAT covers high school Math and English which is why it’s beneficial to take the test early in your collegiate academic career.  Click on the previous link for details about format, timing and content.

        How many times may I take the GMAT?

        You may take the GMAT as many times as necessary. However, you can sit only every 16 days. 

        How is the GMAT scored?

        GMAT scores range from 205 to 805.  Auburn's MAcc program will accept your highest composite score when you take the exam multiple times, but we do not take the highest section scores from multiple sittings and combine them.

        How should I prepare for the GMAT?

        Earn the score you need for graduate school admission by preparing and sitting early.  Many GMAT Review courses are available. Magoosh has one of the highest consumer ratings.  Do your research and choose the best course for you.

        What is the average GMAT score for Auburn MAcc students?

        Historically, MAcc students have averaged a 555. A GMAT score can only help your application package and you make you a more competitive applicant.

        What is the minimum score necessary for acceptance into the AU MAcc Program?

        We do not advertise a minimum score. The MAcc Admissions Committee takes a holistic approach when reviewing an application package and considers all of an applicant’s credentials. A GMAT score can only help your application package and you make you a more competitive applicant.

        How do I register for the GMAT and what is the cost?

        The GMAT exam, available around the world throughout the year, lets you showcase the skills desired by business school admissions officers. Registration details and cost.

        Does Auburn offer students reimbursement for the cost of the GMAT?

        Voucher and reimbursement programs offered by some universities are not applicable to Auburn University.

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