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        Harbert Connects Formal Mentorship Program - Application Closes 9/15

        September 7, 2021 By Janie Robison

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        HCOB connects

        HCOB students - ready to network and be mentored on an one on one basis from an Alum in your ideal industry? Join the Harbert Connects Formal Mentorship Program.   Students have the opportunity to receive professional and career development with leading professionals from various ideal companies or interested locations for an entire semester. Formal applications close on September 15, 2021.

        APPLY HERE 

        Two Levels of Involvement: 

        Formal Mentorship

        Develop a relationship with a Harbert College of Business alum or professional friend of Auburn. Based on your major and interests, you will be matched with a mentor of the same frequency. 

        Interaction may very based on your location and availability. 

        On-Demand Mentorship 

        Engage with mentors at your convenience by phone, Zoom, or email. You determine the amount of interactions based on your availability. 

        Click here to learn more