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        Make the Grades for MAcc Admission

        February 20, 2024 By Andee Hodo

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        To make the necessary grades for MAcc admission, students must learn their course material and not memorize it. When you memorize, you don't retain the theoretical concepts necessary to be successful in each accounting class or on the CPA exam. The Successful Study Approach has been proven to work and requires pre-reading chapters before lectures to be familiar with concepts, attending classes, post-reading chapters after lectures for thorough understanding, working homework assignments, reviewing chapters/homework before exams, and practicing multiple-choice questions using the Gleim books. 

        The purpose of the Gleim Exam Questions and Explanations (EQE) books is to help accounting students improve their comprehension skills and achieve higher grades in their accounting courses. In addition, students who use the Gleim books achieve a higher success rate on the CPA exam.

        The average academic credentials of the inbound MAcc Class of 2025 are as follows: 3.70 overall GPA; 3.60 accounting GPA; and 3.60 upper-level (3000 level courses and above) accounting GPA. As you can see, MAcc admission is very competitive. Making the necessary grades is not easy, but Auburn men and women "believe in work, hard work".

        Making the necessary grades is one of 10 ways to build your credentials for MAcc admission.