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        Mauldin Jenkins - FT Opportunities & Upcoming Leadership Program

        October 12, 2021 By Janie Robison

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        Mauldin & Jenkins is seeking Full Time Associates and Interns in their Athens, AL; Birmingham, AL; Atlanta, GA locations! Additionally, Mauldin & Jenkins is recruiting for their Envision Program, which is a two day all expense paid networking experience. Students will have the chance to speak with both Associates and Senior Leaders.

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        Envision Program 

        Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC is seeking candidates for their 2022 Envision Program. 
        • Candidate Requirements:
          • Currently enrolled in college pursuing a degree with a major or concentration in accounting. 
            • 3.0 GPA or higher
        • Dates: May 18-19, 2022 

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        Watch the recap from 2019 Envision Program

        envision flyer