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        Pursue A Skill Building Minor

        March 19, 2024 By Andee Hodo

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        Set Yourself Apart

        The accounting profession is quickly changing and students who diversify their skill set beyond the traditional accounting degree will experienced increased job opportunities as well as higher compensation as they progress in their careers.

        Business Analytics (BUAL) Minor (15 semester hours)

        Built on the foundation of critical thinking, careful analysis, and clear communication, BUAL minors are prepared for a smarter growing technological landscape. According to IBM, 90% of the world's data has been created since 2011. Accountants who have the ability to analyze data and guide organizational decision-making will find themselves in high demand.

        Courses include:

        • ACCT 5520 Accounting Analytics
        • BUAL 5600 Principles of Predictive Modeling
        • BUAL 5610 Business Decisions with Predictive Modeling
        • BUAL 5650 Enterprise Management of the Big Data Environment
        • BUAL 5660 Descriptive Analytics for Business Decisions
        • ISMN 5290 Business Programming for Analytics
        • ISMN 5650 Advanced Business Application Development

        Information Systems (ISMN) Minor (15 semester hours)

        Students who minor in ISMN will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to lead business innovation through the development of digital processes, products, and services. Supplementing technical accounting knowledge with IT skills is valued in today's changing business environment. With two recommend tracks, students will gain the skill set needed to be competitive and rewarded in the marketplace. 

        Recommended courses include:

        • ACCT 5520 Accounting Analytics
        • BUAL 5650 Business Data Management and Acquisition
        • ISMN 3830 Database Management Systems
        • ISMN 5040 Advanced Business Data Communications
        • ISMN 5290 Business Programming for Analytics
        • ISMN 5730 Security and Information Assurance
        • ISMN 5740 Information RIsk Analysis
        • ISMN 5750 Information Technology Auditing
        • If you have more questions about adding a minor, please see your Advisor in 147 Lowder Hall.