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        Accounting, Professional Development

        Recruiting Honor Code Changes

        January 29, 2019 By Colby Lakas

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        Accounting students are very familiar with the AU Recruiting Honor Code and when internship offers can be made in AL, GA, & Nashville. However, IT IS CHANGING DRAMATICALLY!

        Review the updated Honor Code and Recruiting Best Practices, which are effective immediately.

        What changed?

        The most significant change the removal of any dates related to internship offers—we no longer have offer periods, or even a unified decision deadline. The absence of dates in our Honor Code allow for each employer and recruit to make decisions that are best for them. We continue to ask employers to focus Summer Leadership Program recruiting in the spring semester, as that is the best time for juniors (and some sophomores) to go through the interview/application process.

        Check out our answers to the questions we know you have. Seriously—read the Q&A from start to finish, because an informed recruit is a successful recruit!