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        State Society Membership: Get Involved in Your Profession!

        August 17, 2020 By Julia Matthews

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        Building a relationship with the Alabama Society of CPAs (ASCPA) has added significant value to my career. It has provided numerous networking opportunities and financial support to me over the years.

        It’s easy to begin getting involved as a student; you can join the AICPA and ASCPA as a student member for FREE! With this membership comes scholarship opportunities, networking events, and informational resources.

        Networking Benefits:

        • The ASCPA hosts a variety of local events and activities that are designed to inspire and inform you on your CPA journey.
        • The ASCPA Diversity in Accounting Conference (scheduled for late October 2020) was great way to meet leaders in the profession and students from other colleges and universities across the state. Networking with students can be just as important as recruiters. These will be your future coworkers.
        • Local chapter meetings gave me a chance to talk to local CPAs and socialize in a more casual setting.

        Financial Benefits:

        • The ASCPA Educational Foundation awards over $80,000 in scholarships each year to accounting students in Alabama colleges and universities. This includes general, financial need, and diversity scholarships.
        • I am a two-time ASCPA scholarship recipient. The scholarships have helped relieve some of the financial burden of attending college. I was able to pay school-related fees without taking on additional debt or jobs; thus, allowing me to focus on my studies.
        • ASCPA offers a Becker Ambassador Scholarship. This award provides Becker Review Course in exchange for promoting and representing the ASCPA and Becker. My role has allowed me to improve my communication skills and given me a valuable resource to prepare for the CPA Exam.

        Professional Development Benefits:

        • My favorite event, ASCPA Interview Day (hosted in conjunction with the Diversity Conference in October), is similar to a career fair. It is an opportunity to meet employers that may not recruit directly at Auburn. Employers are recruiting for internships and full-time positions. I had multiple interviews; this made me more prepared and confident in future interviews. I was able to get great feedback on my resume as well.
        • The ASCPA also provides informational resources such as an annual firm guide each year which gives information on every firm in the state. Send out newsletters which can help stay informed about opportunities and what’s trending in the profession.

        Overall the ASCPA has been instrumental in supporting my journey to CPA. I encourage you to take advantage of the great resources and services provided by the ASCPA.