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        Student Blogger: Atypical Investments as an Accounting Major

        January 26, 2021 By Erin Casolaro

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        Atypical Investments as an Accounting Major

        Accounting students are generally known for their commitment to learning, service, and relationship development. Many of us pick up minors in information systems, business analytics, or finance. There is a constant desire to set yourself apart and cultivate your brand. This can be accomplished in a variety of activities and some of my classmates have even begun to dabble in investing in the stock market. Their desire to learn more about the business world as a whole has driven their commitment to learning about the stock market especially during these uncertain times.

        While I do not have a financial portfolio full of stocks, I have found a way to invest in my education, professional skills, and community in a different way. The College of Human Sciences offers a major and a minor in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies (PNPS). An investment in learning more about the nonprofit sector has helped me not only invest in the Auburn community through service opportunities that the program brings, but in my future career as an accountant.

        Most firms have some form of a philanthropic arm in which most of their employees are involved in, and many firms also have not-for-profit or governmental clients. Through learning more about the nonprofit sector and how it works by adding the PNPS major, I have been able to invest in an aspect of my career that I originally expect to exist. It has allowed be to learn more about causes that I’m passionate about and how to serve them during my career and college experience. Additionally, I can connect with firms through the recruitment process on a deeper level about their community service involvement.

        Investing in nonprofits through this minor can help you serve potential clients and your firm better in the future through your understanding of the intricates of nonprofits and the broad sector that it includes. It’s an investment that pays tenfold as it serves your education, the community, your passions, your future clients, and your firm. While the investment of time that comes with adding this minor is atypical, it can bring unforeseen returns that will grow your professional portfolio, though maybe not your financial one!