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        Student Blogger: Networking Works!

        April 14, 2021 By Jackie Venable

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        Networking Works!

        Networking may seem like a daunting task, and you might be struggling to figure out where to begin. Luckily, you are always surrounded by networking opportunities and have most likely been networking without even knowing!

        Summer is approaching quickly and is the perfect time for you to meet people who can lead you to new opportunities in the fall. Here are some helpful tips on how to broaden your network and relationships with other professionals.

        Networking is extremely important. In fact, 85% of jobs are found through networking!

        • When meeting new people, you need to make a first impression that counts. Try to have meaningful conversations rather than the usual small talk. If your networking is a formalized, scheduled interaction, do your research about who you are meeting with, and try to have a good understanding about them and their company. Be inquisitive and prepared to be a great listener!
        • Networking is something you can start doing now! There are many tools available to you like LinkedIn, and the weekly Featured Professional Partner (FPP) events. By the time you are searching for a job, it is extremely helpful to have a broad network of people who are willing to help you! You can start now by attending career fairs, meet the firms, and even reaching out to the alumni you know.
        • In many of our accounting classes, we have panels or guest speakers come and speak to us. These working professionals present a great opportunity to expand your network and make connections! You can always follow up with guests and thank them for coming to share their experience.
        • Every interaction is a chance to network. For example, you could end up sitting next to an accounting professional at a footblass game and make a great connection, like SOA senior Scott Lowery. That connection could lead you to an internship opportunity. Here you can find 5 easy ways that college students can begin networking now!
        • A great virtual networking opportunity coming up on April 19th-23rd is the "Resume Round-Up". You just register on Handshake by April 16th and submit your resume to the link you emailed. This could provide you with many connections to different employers and will get your resume out there!

        These are just a few tips and tricks to help provide you with a strong network of people who support your career path. You can always be on the lookout for different opportunities that you many not otherwise be exposed to. It is a huge advantage to be in a position where you can receive advice from a professional who was once in your shoes. Now that you know more about how to expand your network, it is time to put these tips into action!